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Running out of unique ideas? Flor De Tierra Organic Black Garlic will ignite the creative spark in your cooking!

Garlic is known for its solid and astringent taste that’s very commonly used in cooking, but have you heard about black garlic? With its elegant black color and a completely opposite taste, black garlic can certainly bring that extra oomph to all kinds of dishes. What’s the flavor composition of this unique kind of garlic? You might find this very odd, but it’s very sweet, smokey, and sour, especially compared to the regular ones. Some might even argue that the black garlic is much better than white ones due to higher levels of antioxidants, and today, we are going to prove to you that you can definitely bring something unique to your cooking recipes with our curated line of Flor De Tierra Organic Black Garlic from Spain!

Whether you’d like to craft delicious Italian risotto dishes or add them to meat, vegetables, and stews, Flor De Tierra Black Garlic will deliver an unparalleled flavor experience that will fulfill your gourmet flavor needs. This jar of organic Spanish black garlic is achieved by several months of caramelization and aging until each one of them has a soft texture and sweet flavor black garlic is known for. Mix this unique ingredient with soy sauce and create aromatically simple stir-fry sauces that will pair excellently with rice and noodle dishes.

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