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Start your day with Ireland's favorite - Flahavan's oatmeal!

Is there any better way to start your day with a nutritious breakfast that's also very delicious? We don't think so! One of the best ways to begin your morning feast is to enjoy a comforting bowl of oatmeal filled with vitamins, minerals, and rich texture. Oats are naturally gluten-free, loaded with fiber, and can be mixed with literally any of your favorite fruits! Plus, it's absolutely guilt-free and feels exceptionally indulgent. Alright, now let's get to the real deal here, Irish porridge has been a staple in Ireland for centuries, and if you're a fan of Irish food or you're simply someone who's looking for the best breakfast option, you're definitely going to want to look into our curated selection of Ireland's number one - Flahavan's oatmeal!

What makes Flahavan's oats so popular in Ireland? The secret of this success lies in just one ingredient - pure whole grain oats! For over 200 years (Yes, two hundred!), six generations have ensured to deliver the most unique, family-style oats with rich taste, texture, and high nutritional value that so many oat porridge fans love! With a wide selection of products, from Flahavan's organic Irish oatmeal to quick-cooking oatmeal, this brand continues to delight families all over Ireland and around the world!

Filled with fiber, protein, and carbohydrates, oatmeal can not only make for a healthy breakfast option but also a very convenient and delicious one! To start our journey in the Irish oatmeal breakfast world, let's begin with the most classic line of Flahavan's oatmeal. With its naturally creamy texture and toasted aroma, Flahavan's Irish steel-cut oatmeal makes for a perfectly balanced breakfast. If you want a slightly less firm texture and more consistency, then opt for Flahavan's Irish rolled oats. They are worlds apart in texture and taste since rolled oats are more absorbent and can be used in baking cookies, fruit crisps, and cakes!

What if you simply don't have much time to cook your breakfast? We've got a solution for you! Flahavan's steel-cut quick-cooking oatmeal will be ready for you in a matter of only 5 minutes! Made from carefully selected premium oats grown and harvested in the southeastern part of Ireland, these sugar-free vegan oatmeal makes for a wholesome breakfast, especially when paired with fruits and nut butter of your choosing!

Want to make some scrumptious Muesli, Granola, and Flapjacks? Flahavan's jumbo oats made with pure organic whole grain rolled oats create a beautiful ingredient as well as an excellent porridge for breakfast with an ideally pleasant texture and rich flavor.

Porridge is one of the most popular breakfast meals in Europe. And naturally, Flahavan's has all of the best options for you, one of them being the classic Flahavan's porridge oats made with wholegrain oats. Cook this delicious porridge with water or milk, and enjoy the light and creamy texture with some strawberry slices, chia seeds and cacao nibs! We have also included a fully organic option - Flahavan's organic porridge oats made with wholegrain rolled oats and just the right amount of chewy texture.

Looking for some quick and easy oatmeal options? Look no further; Flahavan's Progress Outlets provide you with all the necessary nutrients and cook in a matter of only a few minutes! Create your own variations of a quick oats porridge and fill up your breakfast bowl with tasty fruits, nuts, spreads, and oats!

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