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Taste the pureness of Acqua di Fiuggi: sparkling water beloved for centuries!

Are you looking for one of the most refreshing and hydrating water to quench your thirst in the most enjoyable way possible? Would you like to know one of the most beloved Italian sparkling waters favored amongst artists like Michelangelo? If the answer is a solid yes, then we’d like to tell you about our curated selection of Fiuggi sparkling mineral water from Italy to take the guesswork out of your next shopping trip to your local grocery store.

Fiuggi water derives from the natural springs and mountains of the town of Fiuggi, where the beverage is obtained. Our selected bottle of Fiuggi mineral water is filled with natural oligomineral water that hollows beneath the spas of Fiuggi. This water is naturally pure, clean, light, and neutral. Whether you’d like to enjoy it with a squeeze of lemon juice as a part of your meal or take it with you on the go as a cold and hydrating drink, Acqua di Fiuggi will be your best option: even just a single gulp will instantly quench your thirst!

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