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Feta, The Iconic Greek White Cheese

Feta is probably the most famous Greek cheese in the world. It’s a soft white rindless cheese matured in brine. It has a compact, and springy texture that makes it easy to slice, cube, or crumble the cheese.

Authentic Greek Feta has been granted PDO status by the EU, which means the production process follows strict guidelines. Feta is made either from exclusively sheep milk or a mixture of sheep and goat milk, with the latter not exceeding 30%.

Before Greek Feta was granted the PDO status, many European countries produced similar white brined cheeses, including France, Italy, Bulgary, and Denmark. Nowadays, these cheeses are branded either as Greek(-style) cheese or have switched names entirely. Bulgarian Feta, for example, is called Sirene, while the Danish variety has been renamed into Danish White.  

However, the Greek-style cheese produced outside the EU territory is still often labeled as Feta. Israeli Feta is a famous example, though it’s the variety with the least similarities to the Greek original, with a firmer texture and a mellow flavor with considerably less salt and lower acidity.

American Feta is common, with many local producers, be it large creameries or small artisans labeling their Greek-style cheese Feta. American variety can be made from cow, sheep, or goat milk and is often drier and crumblier than the Greek original (though small artisans imitate the texture and flavor better).

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