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Welcome to Our Online European Food Market!

Whether you grew up in Europe or you dream of traveling there one day, it would be nice to have a European food store in your current neighborhood. Yummy Bazaar can help you feel like that dream has come true. Delight in shopping for authentic European chocolate, cookies, biscuits, and candy that will enhance your quality of life wherever you are.

Visit our Eastern European section for delights you may have trouble finding anywhere else.

European Chocolate

Whether it comes from France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, or Scandinavia, chocolate is universal. Treat yourself to European chocolate from Baci Perugina or Chocolat Bonnat. Creating chocolate delicacies since 1884, Chocolatier Bonnat works with cocoa beans derived from a single origin. If you don't know it, Germany produces a variety of chocolate products and we have many of them available. You will crave anything from Ritter Sport once you've tried it.

European Cookies/Biscuits

What American's call cookies are sometimes referred to as biscuits in European food stores. Either way, they are all yummy. Le Veneziane Gluten Free Munaretti Sweet Biscuits made in Italy helps you have your biscuits and eat them too, even if you have gluten sensitivity. These are perfect for breakfast, a snack, or with your afternoon tea or coffee. Anything from St. Michel in France is delicious. Find classic cookies like Madeleines, Lady Fingers, Butter Cookies, and other special treats for your sweet tooth. If you fancy Scandinavian-style sweets, Nyaker's Ginger Snaps are delicate and light. They are delicious topped with your favorite fruit jam.

European Candy

Forget about your diet and enjoy some candy. Delight your children with Simpkins hard candy. Or enjoy Australian Violet Crumble Candy made in the United Kingdom. Featuring a honeycomb toffee inside, it crumbles to pieces and is delicious. Filled hard candies from Serra in Italy are highly rated and wonderful. Choose from lemon, Sicilian red orange, pear and ginger, honey, soft toffee, and mint fillings to hide in your desk at work or stash around the house.

Eastern European Food

Food products from Eastern Europe markets may sometimes be hard to find, but you should not deprive yourself. Yummy Bazaar carries a nice selection from Croatia, Romania, and neighboring countries.

Authentic Russian-style tea is the perfect accompaniment to any of the sweet treats we sell. Curtis offers a Wild Rose Flavored Black Tea that comes in a lovely gift tin. Dalmatia from Croatia sells jars of plum, fig, sour cherry, tangerine, organic apricot, and organic blackberry spread that go well with biscuits or cookies for a special treat. From the country of Romania comes dark chocolate by Heidi in orange, raspberry, mint with lemon, cranberry, and coffee flavors.  

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You don't have to live in Europe to enjoy delicious European food items. Shop for European products online anytime at Yummy Bazaar. You can select your items right in your own home and have them delivered directly to your door. We even offer free shipping when you place an order for $59 or more.