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Straight from Spain: Gourmet quince paste at Yummy Bazaar!

We are calling out all food-centrics! At Yummy Bazaar, we have the sweetest relish of Spanish cuisine, rich and yummy Membrillo! Made from deliciously golden, tangy quince, Membrillo is a palatable thick jelly full of fruity, almost floral aroma that serves as an on-the-go gourmet snack! For an additional surprise with us, you can get your hands on the premium Spanish brand - Emily Foods quince paste!

Membrillo Emily, also known as Emily Foods, founded in 1949, is still pioneering the creation of the most delicious Membrillo in Europe. This family business has gained its well-deserved popularity, respect, and trust by keeping customers’ needs closest to heart and holding up two fundamental values: quality and innovation. This is how Emily foods created a wide variety of Mediterranean-style Membrillo, which we are incredibly proud to carry at Yummy Bazaar! Let’s explore our collection of Emily Foods Membrillo, shall we?

With us, you’ll find the sweetest explosion of mesmerizing flavors - Emily quince paste Membrillo with orange. Luscious, with just a hint of sharpness, this quince paste is filled with tangy aroma, thanks to fresh orange! Perfect for a light, on-the-go dessert, maybe used as a sweet spread on your toast, quince paste will become your new food obsession! Perfect with tea, this lovely, delightful breakfast will uplift you for the whole day! Give it a try; we’re confident that you’ll fall in love.

We also happen to have Emily Quince Paste Membrillo with Walnuts, which is ideal for juxtaposing exquisite flavors. Nutty texture harmonizes with the tanginess of quince, so this well-balanced paste is perfect for filling in pastry! However, some foodies swear by Membrillo paired with salty cheese, we recommend serving it with a light drizzle of acacia honey on top for your charcuterie board to become the highlight of the party!

Thick, sweet, and luscious: Spanish Membrillo at Yummy Bazaar!

Now you know where to buy quince paste made by the premium brand steeped in tradition, quality, and creativity! At Yummy Bazaar, we strive to become your go-to online destination for gourmet foods and drinks from around the world. This is why we take our time to craft the most mesmerizing collection of delicious delights you must try! So, browse carefully, choose your new favorites, and we will do everything that we can to deliver your order right to your doorstep! And for an additional surprise, on orders over $59, we will do so free of charge!