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On your quest to discover the best vegan milk brands, Yummy Bazaar can help!

Where to buy the best vegan milk? - You might be wondering, spending hours researching brands, stores, products, but your shopping experience is about to become hassle-free! Because at Yummy Bazaar, we curate the most extensive collection of EVERY international and local delight, at the most affordable prices, too! That explains why our digital shelves are stocked only with the best! And Elmhurst vegan milk - the beloved artisanal brand established in 1925 - is one of them! Catering to your plan-based dietary needs, originally, Elmhurst was a local dairy shop in NYC; those of you, from Queens or Brooklyn, might even remember Elmhurst milk delivery trucks riding ‘round the streets! But in 2017, Elmhurst made a drastic change - seeing the future of “milk,” Henry Schwartz revolutionized his company and made it environmentally conscious and plant-based! AND on top of everything, Elmhurst vegan milk is still incredibly delicious and beneficial! So, if you’re tempted to give it a taste, here are some of our favorites from our collection that you must check out!

Creamy thick Elmhurst hazelnut milk is the perfect combo of only two ingredients: tasty hazelnuts and miracle-working water! Sounds simple, right?! But this milk is unexpectedly sophisticated: being full of beneficial nutrients, this gluten-free milk will become your go-to choice for your morning cereal! And that’s not all! Dressed in a pretty recyclable carton, Elmhurst hazelnut milk is bursting with 2x more hazelnuts than you’d expect from regular vegan milk!

Speaking of wonders of nuts, we also happen to have Elmhurst unsweetened almond milk! Packed with 4x more nuts, your glass of milk might recharge you with superpowers, so beware! More nutrients equal more concentration, so it’s easier for your body to absorb all the good stuff! Also, it’s free from any artificial sweeteners, so you’ll get the pure health elixir derived from tasty almonds and water! But we do have something special hiding in our collection - Elmhurst barista almond milk - the ultimate must-have for creating extraordinarily creamy drinks! The subtle sweetness of this Elmhurst delight acts as the perfect blank canvas for your drinks, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like their latte too sweet, you don’t have to worry about anything! Give this Barista milk a try, and your dairy transition will run smoother than expected!

Now, let’s get back to nuts, shall we? Because Elmhurst cashew milk is dying to meet you (and your fridge)! Perfect for your hot cocoa, matcha tea, AND everything else you might come up with, this cashew milk will easily exceed your expectations, and it will take only one sip of this delight! Don’t believe us? Order now and try for yourself! Your hunt for the best vegan milk will be over once you give this cashew liquid gold a taste!

And, we’re confident that you’ll go nuts for this Elmhurst walnuts milk, too! Shake well before filling your glass with frothy milk foam, and reactivate the superpowers of Omega-3, which will have you flying through the day with an energy boost! This walnut milk goes great with everything, but It’s your go-to choice for ultimate post-workout smoothies or early morning cereals! So, if you’re someone who enjoys the deep flavor of walnuts and also likes to wean off pretentious dairy, this is the match made for you!

Finally, it’s time to hear about the magic of whole grains. Are you ready?! At Yummy Bazaar, you can get your hands on the fascinating blend of Elmhurst oats milk! Made from 5 ingredients only, this milk comes as close to dairy milk as it’s humanly possible! Enriched with the tasty goodness of whole grains, your morning cereal will become your favorite superfood to snack on! So, stock up now and get this deliciousness delivered right to your front door! Oats can help, If you’re looking for the perfect alternative to replace dairy milk in baked goods, too! You just have to check out lovely Elmhurst unsweetened oat milk! The subtle flavor of oats will compliment so many of your favorite baked goods recipes! Just give it a shot, and replace your dairy milk with oat delight, and give your doughs & batters a plant-based twist! Trust us; they will turn out even more delicious when Elmhurst is in the game!

And that’s not all oat has got for you! Our digital shelves hold a delicious treat for you to enjoy on cold winter nights - yummy Elmhurst chocolate oat milk! Ten times more creamy than your favorite childhood milkshake, this vegan chocolate milk will make all of your culinary dreams come true! You can do much more with it than serving yourself a delicious glass of chocolate delight at night: try replacing regular milk with it and treat yourself to the most delightful chocolate pancakes! And to finish your breakfast just the right way, shop Elmhurst barista oat milk and excite your cuppa tea with just a drizzle; trust us, it will be enough to surprise your taste buds pleasantly!

Taste the pure goodness of Elmhurst vegan milk only at Yummy Bazaar!

At Yummy Bazaar, we curate the most sophisticated collection of international delicacies from all over the world at the most affordable prices! We’re proud to cater to every dietary need, too, so if you’re looking for vegan, gluten-free AND non-GMO delights to be delivered right to your door, you’ve come to the right place!

Since now you already know where to buy Elmhurst oat milk and other plant-based delights, all you’ve got to do is, peruse our collection, choose your favorite flavors for your coffee, smoothies, and baking! Make sure you stock up on everything you need, and we will deliver your order as quickly as possible! And to spoil you a little more, on orders over $59, shipping will be FREE! So, shop boldly!