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Born near vibrant Valencia, Paella is a traditional Spanish dish loved by everyone around the globe! It started as a simple dish for workers; after years, Paella transformed into the decadent symphony of flavors. This Spanish delight has become the luxurious assortment of contrasting undertones now made with myriad ingredients like beans, rabbit meat, lobster, or chorizo; Paella has become the lavish assortment of contrasting flavors that every foodie must try! Complex and sophisticated, the best kind of Paella is homemade, customized to your taste and preferences! So, if you’re eager to surprise your family and friends with your cooking skills, let’s start browsing for all the essentials you’ll need!

Rice is the staple ingredient of Paella, so picking the correct type of rice is the crucial part of making the best Paella! You must look for rice types that soak up the moisture since rice is the base seasoning of the dish! The optimal option would be Spanish paella rice types from Valencia’s fields: Senia, Bomba, or Bahia! Now, challenging to cultivate, Bomba rice is the least pretentious and easy to cook: It has a firm texture that won’t be compromised if you forget to set your timer on! On our digital shelves, you will find the best Spanish Bomba rice at the most affordable price! And since you’ve got the authentic Spanish rice, now you’re halfway through!

At Yummy Bazaar, you will find the El Avion paella kit, which has all the ingredients you need! Let’s start with El Avion paella pan - the name paella means pan in Valencian, so you know it’s the essential detail of the cooking process! El Avion pan has all the advantages: It’s the perfect size to distribute and cook rice in a thin layer evenly, and the material is just right! Aside from the ideal Bomba rice and flawless paella pan, this kit also includes El Avion paella seasoning with real saffron and little premium quality olive oil! So, if you order this paella kit, all you’ve got to do is add meat to your dish, and, voila, you’ve got yourself authentic Spanish Paella!

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If you’re planning to make traditional Spanish Paella, we have the best El Avion Paella kit, including Bomba rice, Paella pan, seasoning mix, & olive oil! So, shop now, and we will do everything in our power to deliver your order as quickly as possible! Keep in mind, on orders over $59, we will do so free of charge!