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Elevate your breakfast with a spoonful of Eat This Yum preserve!

If there’s any jam or marmalade you absolutely need to try, it’s Eat This Yum! You might be wondering why we’re making such a statement, but when something is featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things magazine (2014), you know that it’s undoubtedly worth a try! This family-owned and operated brand focuses on natural, sustainable, and locally-produced fabulous confiture made with no artificial flavors or preservatives. With all that being said, Eat This Yum products have now found their own special place at Yummy Bazaar, so peruse our collection and choose your favorite yum!

Let’s begin with a flavorful punch of Eat This Yum blueberry cardamom preserve! This preserve is not just a tasty spread, it’s bursting with unforgettably rich blueberry flavor finished with a subtle touch of menthol-like piney cardamom. With its semi-chunky texture, this blueberry preserve provides a sweet addition for yogurts and pancakes as well as salad dressings. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous in the kitchen, then incorporate this preserve in your duck sauce recipe along with garlic and port. Might sound a little unusual, but the end result will pleasantly surprise you!

Alright, what’s next up on our menu? Strawberry fans are certainly going to love this one! We are talking about the classic Eat This Yum strawberry lemon lavender preserve packed with gorgeously sweet strawberries, heavenly tangy lemons, and amazingly fragrant lavender! It’s perfect for adding lively aromatic flavors and a little extra pizzazz to your morning toast, ice cream, yogurt, and even cottage cheese!

If sweet preserves are not your thing, then Eat This Yum tomato jalapeno marmalade will surely be the one for you! With its earthy and complex flavors, this condiment will add a perfectly balanced medium heat to everything from sandwiches, cheeses, and simple toasts to pork loin, shrimp, and salmon! This exquisite marmalade provides an undeniably versatile and incredibly unique taste experience. Try Eat This Yum’s jams and marmalades and excite your days with fruity aromas!

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