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The Boba tea movement is on the rise: yummy tapioca pearls are in!

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about Boba or bubble milk tea, the new IT of tasty drinks! If you’ve never tasted this refreshing drink (which is highly unlikely, considering its abnormal popularity), don’t worry! Today, we’re going to teach you how to make the ultimate summer delight, magical cold boba at home, and we will deliver instant boba pearls to your doorstep as quickly as possible!

It’s easy to guess - the main ingredient of bubble tea is Boba, a moniker chosen by foodies, also known as tapioca balls. A staple ingredient of Southeast Asian cuisine, these cassava root starch balls are believed to be born in Taiwan. Typically (or should we say tapiocally), tapioca pearls have a cheerfully chewy texture that glides down pleasantly, so that explains why bubble tea is so addictive!

If you’re wondering where to buy tapioca pearls online, luckily, you have the correct address! At Yummy Bazaar, you’ll find delicious Instant black boba pearls made by E-Fa, a Chinese premium brand that produces myriads of sweet delights! E-Fa brand name translates to effortless fortune, and that’s precisely what we plan on bringing to your kitchen with our treats!

E-Fa’s Bubble tea tapioca pearls will be ideal for cold or hot bubble tea; they’re supremely chewy and soft. They also have a long shelf life, so storing will not be a problem! For a classic drink, simply mix black tea with milk, ice, and these beautiful tapioca pearls, and you’re good to go! But for extra pizzazz, we advise you to add brown sugar to your boba; trust us, even just a drizzle of brown sugar syrup will zip up your drink into something heavenly tasty!

If you’re looking for something more summery, with the explosion of natural flavors, simply replace milk with fruit-based drinks, or mix fruit-smoothie with your milk, then add our rainbow boba pearls for more fun & you’re good to go! Now, this is the drink that will make you feel all bubbly inside! Oh, and don’t forget to add wide straws, so tapioca pearls can travel easily and enjoy your effortless drink!

P.S Beware, if you’re new to the boba tea movement, you might get addicted! So, it’s advisable to get this black boba in a bigger size. Trust us; it will only save you time! And don’t worry about the shelf life!

Try Yummy Bazaar’s quali-tea boba for your bubble tea!

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