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Shop Yummy Bazaar’s Assortment of Dragees & Go Beyond Chocolate Covered Nuts

Chocolate lovers, we have great news for you. Now you, too, can enjoy your favorite luscious snack in bite-sized nibbles as much as you want. On Yummy Bazaar, we have curated a tempting selection of dragees, including chocolate-covered nuts, raisins, & dried fruits at prices you’ll love.

Dragees are undefined yet delicious treats, resembling Jordan almonds in their simplest forms. They are usually bite-sized nuts, dried fruits, or any other moreish center covered with chocolate or sugar-panned in various colors. Some say they might hail from Italy or Greece, where dragees were brought up as delicious party favors. Traditionally, they were packaged only in 5 treats to symbolize happiness, longevity, health, wealth, and fertility. So, if you’re keen on savoring the ancient traditions of Europe, it’s chocolate-covered nuts, fruits, or any other kinds of dragee candies you should be after.

On Yummy Bazaar, we’ve combined all the beloved brands from France, Spain, Italy & more to offer you one of the best online assortment of dragees. With us, you can buy classic Jordan almonds candy from Pecou, Braquier, Hammond's Candies & more prettified with eye-catching colorful sugar coats. If the classics are already familiar, have a look at the exquisite assortment of Francois Doucet. The fabled French brand offers chocolate-covered nuts, candied fruits, and cognac raisins, too. The moreish center isn’t the only part Francois Doucet exceeds your expectations with; the exquisite French dragees from the brand are coated with white, dark, & milk chocolate to astonish even the most demanding chocoholics. If you look closely, you’ll discover some of the hidden gems in the collection, too - nuts & dried fruits are great, but why stop at classics? In our online store, you can buy chocolate-covered cocoa beans and even marshmallows - now, that’s what we call must-tries!

Chocolate-Covered Almonds, Cocoa Beans & Anything Else Your Sweet Tooth Needs!

At Yummy Bazaar, we strive to deliver fine & fun food from around the world at prices you’ll love with a hassle-free shopping experience. That obviously includes bite-sized chocolate-covered nuts, fruits, and raisins - dragees, as you may know them. We take time to curate and deliver sought-after, unique treats & childhood favorites right to your door. Whether it’s classic Jordan almonds you’re after or unique renditions of dragees on Yummy Bazaar, you’re guaranteed to find them at prices you’ll love.