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We take our time to pick and choose only the premium quality products from all over the world to satisfy your culinary needs and help you broaden your horizons! This is why we decided to carry the renowned Dobroflot - the pioneer Russian seafood company, catching wild fish since 1911! Not to mention, their fish is prepared the traditional way AND canned right on the board after catching! So, if you’re looking for tasty canned seafood that’s as fresh as humanly possible, trust us, Dobroflot canned goods are the absolute best way to go!

Our digital shelves are stocked with Dobroflot pacific saury cans! Loved in Japanese cuisine, Pacific Saury is a unique type of fish that won’t have trouble fitting into your Western recipes! With just a drizzle of lemon juice, the strong meat aroma breaks through and fills up your whole kitchen! Those who enjoy seafood will be delighted to give this canned Pacific saury a taste!

But if you want to pursue finer pleasure and give authentic Asian dishes a go, you can try preparing a Japanese mixed rice bowl with wild-caught and ocean canned Pacific saury, also called Takikomi Gohan! Just cook your rice, combine canned saury with your favorite sauces, and mix everything else after it’s done! Then prettify your bowl with fresh vegetables, green onions, and you’re all done! You’ve got yourself a quick and easy treat for your after-work hunger pangs just in 20 minutes!

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