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Travel through Provence with flavors from Delices du Luberon

No matter where you come from, family cooking is most likely at the very core of your current food habits. Not just flavors, but also the little traditions revolving around cooking that we grew up with tend to stay with us for the rest of our lives. Those traditions and habits are precisely what inspired the Msica family to establish Delices du Luberon in 1993. By combining the specialties and tendencies of Provence and the Mediterranean cuisine with their family’s very own cooking secrets, they managed to create something magical.

So with this curated selection of tapenades, condiments, and sauces from Delices du Luberon, we’re not just bringing you authentic French flavors - we’re bringing the comfort of home cooking, the joy of sharing food with your family, and the incredible recipes that have stood the test of time.

French olive pastes to the rescue!

Cooking is not always easy. Actually, for the most part, it’s quite the challenge - from the time, effort, and all the dirty dishes that accumulate out of nowhere, to the complete confusion that steams from being asked to season something “to taste” - well, dear recipe book, at this point, I’m not even sure if I have taste anymore! Anyway… There are times when cooking gets overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you should go for bland and uninspired options - not with all of these stunning French tapenades and spreads to choose from!

Have you mastered the art of enjoying olives? Well, if you have, you’re going to love this Delices du Luberon black olive tapenade! And if you haven’t - well, their green olive tapenade will change your mind! How about some eggplant caviar spread? It sounds fancy, but it’s actually quite unpretentious and goes with many other flavors! Spread some on toast or crackers, add a jar to your snack board or charcuterie and just have a little chip-and-dip style party with your loved ones! From sundried tomato spread to artichoke paste and anchovy cream - who says flavorful food has to be complicated?!

Speaking of uncomplicated - are you planning on cooking anything that could benefit from the addition of some delicious sauce? From pasta to some potatoes or vegetable stir-fry, every single one of your cooking endeavors will be instantly elevated by one of our incredible sauces! Going for classic tastes? Tomato and basil sauce is just about as classic as it gets! Or would you prefer something fancier, a bit more intriguing? In that case, tomato sauce with black olives from Provence is your best friend! Need something to pair well with those seasonal new potatoes? We’re not saying that garlic aioli or espelette pepper mayonnaise is as good as it can get, but it definitely IS.

So no matter what your culinary struggle of the day is, as long as you’ve got a few jars of Delices du Luberon products safely stored in your pantry, we’re not worried about your next meal!

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