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Tea drinking is an everyday ritual to many people, and the French are not an exception. Even the simple act of drinking tea can enhance your life and bring a delectable experience to your taste buds while enjoying the simple pleasures of smooth, satisfying, and soothing tea.

Did you know that the French adopted the tea-drinking practice way before the capital of tea fanatics, Britain? Back in the early 17th century, the French adored the elegance of a cup of tea, and this soothing hot beverage soon became treasured by the wealthy to enjoy paired with gastronomic delicacies. To help you teleport into the world of luxurious tea experience, we have created a curated selection of premium Dammann Freres tea! Browse and delight in this exquisite drink at any time of the day, especially as an afternoon ritual, just like the French!

Driven by a passion for creating the most enchanting teas since 1692, Dammann Freres offers a full range of distinctly unique, premium, and carefully selected teas to bring you the most authentic French tea experience. Whether you're a real tea connoisseur, looking to become one, or simply a tea lover, keep on reading and discover a whole new world of gourmet tea!

There is no doubt that green tea is one of the most popular tea varieties out there. Its lower caffeine content and an abundance of antioxidants, along with refreshing vegetal flavors, make it a mesmerizing beverage! Dammann Freres L'Oriental green tea brings a slight floral twist to this classic drink by combining deliciously flavored tea with tart passion fruit, wild strawberry, and wild peach aromas. For a sweet and delicate cup of green tea, get a taste of China's most cherished floral aroma composition - Dammann Freres jasmine green tea. It's especially beautiful when paired with a spoonful of acacia honey!

Want your green tea to have a fragrant flavor like a fresh citrusy grapefruit? Dammann Freres Bali flavored green tea will transcend you to a totally new level of tea-obsessiveness! For the ultimate tropical experience, do not miss out on Dammann Freres Rooibos Citrus tea filled with citrusy flavors and South African rooibos to bring happiness and sunshine to your day. Enjoy this exquisite tea blend before bedtime and share it with your entire family, including kids!

Looking for the ultimate tea with unmatched fruity aroma and taste? Dammann Freres 4 fruits tea will be the one for you! This elegant black tea combined with luscious scents of cherries, raspberries, redcurrants, and strawberries creates an irresistibly fruity mix filled with sweet and tart flavors. For a more classically distinguished silky black tea, get a taste of Dammann Freres Yin Zhen black tea and fall in love at first sip! Combined with Bergamot and flower petals, this French black tea made with Dammann Freres earl grey recipe will make for an exquisitely timeless flavor ideally enjoyed along with your breakfast.

Every tea lover appreciates the fragrant hints of fruits that add a layer of uniqueness to each cup, and Dammann Freres Jardin Bleu is no exception. This well-balanced tea delivers a velvety texture of fruit flavors combined with rhubarbs and strawberries. You can enjoy Dammann Freres loose leaf tea hot or chilled for a perfect summer drink.

There's nothing better than enjoying a nice cup of Dammann Freres chamomile tea to finish off your day with the most relaxing tea drinking experience. Chamomile tea is known for its soothing flavor and aroma. Although you can enjoy it at any time of the day, evenings are probably the best time to so that you can fully relax and enjoy this authentic premium French tea!

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