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For the most flavorful midweek meals, buy Daisho hot pot soup base online!

Unless you’re a professional chef (in which case, we envy your loved ones), Japanese cuisine and all of its exquisite flavors can be a pretty daunting challenge to try on your own. Sure, we all love aromatic soups with noodles, scallions, tender beef, and other mouthwatering ingredients but replicating them continues to seem like an impossible mission. Not to mention, very few of us actually have time to learn something that complex.

But that’s precisely why we’re here! In order to make sure that you constantly had something quick and delicious in your pantry to cook with, we compiled this unbelievably flavorful selection of Daisho hot post soup bases. Just mix the sachet contents in a pot of hot water, bring it to a boil, and your stunning broth is ready! Skewer your meat of choice and cook it in the broth; enjoy it with noodles, vegetables, or come up with intriguing pairings of your own! Improvisation is half the fun!

Do you love your classics? Who doesn’t! And there are very few traditional tastes more renowned than Japanese miso. So if you’re planning on building up a well-stocked pantry, you’ve got to have a pack or two of Daisho miso hot pot soup base stashed away. Happen to prefer spicier aromas? With a bit of bright zing thrown in? In that case, miso kimchi hot pot soup base is your perfect match! And we’d throw in a couple packets of the incomparable kimchi hot pot soup base on its own as well! You know, for good measure (and a bit of spicy kick)!

How about some nuttier, saltier flavors for your comforting midweek dinners? Either Daisho sesame miso soup base or their soy sauce hot pot soup base are bound to do the trick! They’re both equally delicious, fragrant, and irresistible, not to mention, almost too effortless to be true!

And if your protein of choice happens to be chicken, you can’t go without Tori Nanban hot pot soup base - made out of a real chicken broth and fermented seasoning mix - it’s a blend your classic noodle soup has always been missing!

So browse our selection of Daisho soup base in every flavor you could ever want, and choose your favorites. Utterly delicious, authentic, convenient, and quick - what more could we ask for?!

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