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Attention, Cookie Lovers, Dais Is At Yummy Bazaar!

Panna cotta, sweet cloud-like delight, fluffy and dewy tiramisu, and creamy semifreddo are superstar desserts that come to mind instantly when someone mentions Italian confection, right? But these are not very snackable, and frankly, that can be a problem in our busy world. Can you whip up vanilla panna cotta when you’re craving something sweet at night while rewatching Roman Holiday? Yeah, that’s what we thought, too! This is why we wanted to talk about Dais pastry, a reinventor of traditional tastes!

Founded by the family of artisan breadmakers, Dais has more than 150 years of experience in making delicious baked goods, especially unparalleled desserts, like panettone and pandoro, croissants, nougat, and many more. Dais is one of the beloved confectionery manufacturers in Italy, but it doesn’t stop there. Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and many more countries, including the USA, adore these Italian sweets! So, if you’ve not tried them yet, you should start browsing our collection right now.

Today we’ll talk about the Italian take on precious cookies! Of course, everyone loves cookies, right? Children, grown-ups, and everyone in between! But you can’t propose your love for this simple but majestic sweet treat if you’ve not tried Italian almond cookies. Don’t worry; we will get to the bottom of this right now! Dais Italian Almond Cookies are like Beyonce of all of the existing cookies! Filled with Sicilian almonds, these cookies are crunchy and crumbly, but aromatic mandarin flavor balances the nutty texture. In the end, all of the little details make these almond cookies a fantastic treat for any time of the day: for a sweet start in the morning or a relaxing finish in the evening, you can't count on Dais! For something more classic, try Dais Almond Cookies with your ice cream and finish up your summer night with a touch of traditional Italian flavor.

If you’re determined to cook your Italian sweets and desserts, we are here to help and make things easy for you. At Yummy Bazaar, you can find crispy Dais cannoli shells that will take the pressure off of you. Now you can focus on cooking up the tasty filling cream cause perfectly flaky and luscious cannoli shells are already done!

Bring Italian Sweetness At Your Home With Yummy Bazaar!

Yummy Bazaar strives to become your go-to online destination for international gourmet food and drinks. We take time to carefully curate a unique selection of exquisite tastes from all around the world. So, with Yummy Bazaar, you can treat yourself to the highest quality of Italian treats whenever you want.

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