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Get a taste of Japan’s favorite cuppa - Shop Japanese sencha green tea online!

When it comes to Japanese tea, sencha green tea takes the crown for being one of the most popular traditional warm drinks that captivate the taste buds with green, vegetal, and grassy flavors that vary depending on how they are brewed. What’s so special about this tea is its moderate to low level of caffeine that can provide a nice boost of energy without keeping you up at night. Want to get a taste of this Japanese tea experience? Well, we might have something very special for you! On Yummy Bazaar’s digital shelves, you will be able to find Daiei Japanese green tea - a staple of Japanese households!

Getting sencha tea quite right isn’t an easy job to do. Oftentimes, many brands infuse the green tea for too long or at too high of a temperature that can make it taste more bitter and overshadow the grassy freshness. What makes Daiei sencha tea, so good is its lack of that unpleasant bitterness and the exquisite natural herbal sweetness. Brought to you in tea bags made from green tea leaves, this Japanese tea blend makes for an incredible addition to your pantry so you can enjoy the soft and smooth flavors from Japan with every sip!

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