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Stock up on Italian risotto rice - shop Cremonesi arborio rice online at Yummy Bazaar!

There’s one grain that no kitchen pantry in the world can go without. What’s that magical ingredient? The answer is none other than quality rice. Italy is one of the largest producers and consumers of rice. Naturally, Italians have mastered the art of choosing the best rice grains and crafting the most authentic Italian risotto and other dishes that require perfectly tender, creamy, and slightly chewy rice to achieve perfection. To help you find the perfect Italian risotto rice for your pantry, we have created a curated selection of Cremonesi super fine arborio rice so you can make your favorite rice dishes with just the right texture.

Why Cremonesi rice? With a straightforward philosophy of passion for tradition and simplicity, this brand has been providing superior quality rice to Italy since 1951, so you can be assured that they truly have the real know-how when it comes to rice.

The number one rice that is essential to Italian cuisine is arborio rice, mainly used for making delicious risotto dishes. With its higher starch content and round shape, Cremonesi arborio rice from Italy has a signature velvety texture and quickly absorbs loads of flavor in every bite. How to make the perfect Italian risotto? Simply begin by mixing some garlic, a bit of stock, and diced onions on low heat. Add some Cremonesi rice and slowly start stirring in some more stock - a ladle at a time. You can also add some white wine for an extra Italian flavor, but make sure to cook the alcohol out! Let it simmer, top with some shaved parmesan, and voila! Your Italian risotto rice dish is ready!

Cook the best risotto of your life: buy Cremonesi Italian arborio rice online at Yummy Bazaar!

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