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Par Excellence of Italian Chocolate: Shop Cremino & Gianduja

When in need of iconic Italian chocolate to impress your highbrow chocolate lover friends, you must visit our online assortment of gianduja & cremino chocolate on Yummy Bazaar. If you’re something of a connoisseur yourself, you’re probably familiar with the names. However, even for the uninitiated, after browsing through our online assortment, it will be clear why you need a piece or two of perfectly square cremino & gianduja pralines - they are impossible not to tempt you!

Both - gianduja & cremino are one of the most sought-after Italian chocolates across the category. Both of the beloved treats represent the chocolate capital of Italy, Turin, owning up to the heritage the city is renowned for. Gianduja was born during the Continental Blockade as a delicious way of saving up the rare cocoa. Chocolatiers blended cocoa beans with Langhe hazelnuts and made the first-ever chocolate spread, naming it gianduja. However, the hazelnut–cocoa combo worked so well that soon enough, gianduja pralines, bars, and other Italian chocolate renditions were born, too. Fortunately, you can find them all in Yummy Bazaar’s selection. As for cremino, it’s a relatively new creation - it was first made in 1934 as a statement of uniqueness in the Italian chocolate world. It consists of 3 different layers of melty, soft chocolate and comes in various flavors. Luckily, the most tempting ones are available in Yummy Bazaar’s online selection at prices you’ll love.

In Yummy Bazaar’s online assortment of gianduja & cremino chocolate, you can buy everything from festive gianduja pralines to chocolate-covered cremino bars! We’re dedicated to ensuring luxury of choice at prices you’ll love. We know what our customers love, so we have combined all the best Italian chocolate brands, including Venchi, Sperlari, Dolciaria Monardo & more, in a handy collection. Apart from classic gianduja chocolate, with us, you can treat yourself to milk variety, with whole hazelnuts for extra crunchiness, and, of course, gianduja torrone bar for authentic Italian flavors. As for cremino, you’re in luck - varying from pistachio to almond milk, these perfectly square chocolate are bound to satisfy your cravings with ease. If you’re someone with a taste of unique renditions, don’t leave without giving melty cremino bars a taste!

Taste Little Bit of Italy With Gianduja & Cremino Chocolate

At Yummy Bazaar, we strive to deliver fine & fun food from around the world at prices you’ll love with a hassle-free shopping experience. That obviously includes fabled Italian chocolate, too. We take time to curate and deliver sought-after, unique treats & childhood favorites gianduja & cremino chocolate to your door, so you can treat yourself to something new now and then or relive your time in Italy. Whether it’s classic gianduja pralines you’re after or unique renditions of cremino on Yummy Bazaar, you’re guaranteed to find them. If those two have piqued your interest, don’t forget to visit our online Italian chocolate store and discover even more tempting treats!