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Taste the premium flavors of French chestnuts - Shop Corsiglia chestnuts online!

All the sweet dessert lovers, rejoice! We have some luxurious French-born candied chestnuts, purees, and so much more by Corsiglia to deliver you the most authentic French desserts famed for traditional artisanal production and exquisite flavors. Candied chestnuts, also known as Marrons Glace, are the classic French sweets that take time to make, so we have decided to remove that extra time and effort by bringing you a rich selection of Corsiglia chestnuts from France!

Corsiglia is a very special pioneering brand in creating one of France's most beloved classic glazed chestnuts. It all started in 1896 when Andre Corsiglia introduced the production of candied chestnuts. With over 120 years of experience, Corsiglia has become one of the most premium suppliers for pastry chefs in the world. With Yummy Bazaar, you will also be able to experience this luxury for your taste buds!

Let’s start with something every chestnut fan should have in their fridge, and that is Corsiglia chestnut cream. This smooth, creamy & spreadable heavenly cream takes hours to craft, so it’s no wonder why they’re so delicious! With its irresistible flavor, Corsiglia creme de marrons make for a refined way to enjoy your quick and easy sweet breakfast toasts and crepes.

Looking to experiment? If you like making your desserts or you’re simply looking for a way to enhance them with less effort and more authentic French chestnut flavors, Corsiglia chestnut paste is the one for you! This simple yet delicious paste will not only make for a great cake batter but also an excellent spread on pancakes, crunchy toasts, and cold ice cream. For an even creamier and thicker texture, Corsiglia chestnut puree will be your best choice especially for baking and drizzling over your pastries with it as well!

Not only does Corsiglia bring you the scrumptious flavors of chestnuts but also a variety of fruit syrups and pastes. To add lush and mouth-watering, juicy and tart sweetness to your yogurts, cakes, pudding, and more, add some Corsiglia candied amarena cherries into your recipes and enhance your desserts! Prefer citrusy flavors? No problem, Corsiglia lemon paste is here to give you a kick to start improvising and creating the most delicious desserts in the most effective and natural way possible! The perfect ingredient for livening up your cake batter? Corsiglia orange paste is the undoubted best answer! With its sweet, tart, and decadent flavors, this cream will help you create the most delightful cakes and make for a beautiful topping for your pancakes.

Do not miss out on Corsiglia candied chestnut glazed and coated with a lusciously sweet layer of sugar glaze with a touch of bourbon vanilla beans for all the premium chestnut glaze flavors. Brought to you in a beautiful box, these divine Corsiglia marrons glaces candies make for a lovely gifting option ready to be shared with your loved ones or colleagues!

Want something even more luxurious? Corsiglia marrons glaces prestige are just as prestigiously tasty as they sound! Each chestnut is perfectly cooked in sugar and vanilla until the sugar entirely soaks into the chestnuts producing a complete heavenly satisfaction of moist and firm chestnut textures. Enjoy the experience of tasting premium candied chestnuts or use them as a luxurious gift. Either way, Corsiglia won’t disappoint.

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