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Taste the unparalleled richness of Spanish quince preserve: Shop Corazon del Sol Quince paste online!

Alright, you might have read the title and asked yourself, "what is quince?" So we're going to answer that question in the simplest way possible: it's a fragrant fruit that looks like a mixture of apples and lemons while also being shaped like pears. Everyone that has tried this fantastic fruit before knows that you're not supposed to eat it as is, it has to be cooked with sugar and turned into a paste, jelly, or jam, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. Our selected collection of Corazon del Sol Quince paste will bring you all of the luscious aspects of this fruit in the most delicious way possible!

With its deep color, rich flavor, and fragrant aroma, this Spanish quince paste brings natural flavors with quince organically sourced from the south of Spain, where they're carefully picked and prepared to finally reach your table! This sweet, thick, jelly-like paste is a typical dessert in Spain, especially when spread on a morning toast and paired with Manchego cheese. Corazon del Sol Membrillo quince paste is the true perfection for serving as a simple finishing treat to end your meal on a sweet tasty note. You can also enjoy this Membrillo paste on baked fish, roasted meat, and even ham for a more savory option!

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