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Confiserie Azureenne: delicious French fruit confits you don’t want to miss out on!

Everyone loves sweet candy that brings all the gooey and happy feelings to adults and children alike, but if you happened to be someone who just as dearly loves fruits, then we have something exceptional for you! A combination of fruit with a layer of sweet candy will absolutely amaze you with texture, flavor, and longevity. Candied fruits also happen to be one of Provence’s well-known specialties since the 16th century. To bring you the most authentic French fruit confits, we have created a curated selection of superior, pleasantly chewy, and fruity Confiserie Azureenne French candied fruit made to satisfy all your sweet & fruity cravings!

Confiserie Azureenne has been one of the best French confectionery manufacturers since 1948. With over 70 years of experience, Confiserie Azureenne has mastered the art of crafting the most refined candied fruits while sustaining traditional techniques and preserving the traditional artisanal methods of preparing French confits.

And it just so happens that today we’re focusing on the most beloved citrusy fruit flavor - every product on these shelves is bursting with zingy yet sweet aromas of plump and ripe oranges! If you want to taste the whole flavor profile of premium quality oranges in every bite and not miss out on the candied orange peels either, make sure to get a box of Confiserie Azureenne orange slices candy. Ideally sliced oranges coated with just the right amount of sugary syrup create an unmatched flavor and texture that’s very pleasant and hard to resist. Not only can you enjoy these French candied orange slices on their own straight from the packaging but you can also create memorable desserts: serve them on top of ice cream, add them to your cake or even use them as cocktail garnishes!

Alright, maybe you want your candied oranges to be shaped in a more fun shape with no orange peels. In that case, instantly opt for Confiserie Azureenne orange slivers candy with a satisfyingly chewier and smoother texture. These thin slivers make for an exquisitely delicious after-dinner dessert that incredibly well complements a cup of black tea. Enjoy these French candied orange slivers as a quick snack, gift a box to your loved ones who have a sweet tooth for fruit confits, and add them to your baking! Either way, these candies will totally become your favorite snack.

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