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Add a touch of Italian spice to your favorite dishes with Coluccio!

Is there a better way to level up your plain dishes than by adding a touch of gourmet condiments? There is! What’s the secret? You might ask, and we’d say, Coluccio! An Italian food brand with over 50 years of experience brings you the most authentic gourmet products from Italy. We have prepared an incredible selection of Coluccio condiments, so whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or simply want to liven up your dishes in no time, we will provide you with everything you need to bring a taste of Italian cuisine straight to your kitchen!

The number one pantry item that every Mediterannean kitchen needs to have? A gourmet-quality extra virgin olive oil! Whether you want to add a rich flavor to your salads, stews, or fried food, Coluccio Sicilian olive oil will ensure you the most authentic, fragrant, and intense Italian olive oil from the Tuscany region.

If you’re a pasta fanatic like every true Italian, you will absolutely love the unforgettable flavor of Coluccio Pici Toscani pasta prepared using top-quality Italian durum wheat semolina to bring the most satisfying pasta texture. To experience the full-on Italian taste, make sure to pair this wonderful pasta with a touch of one of the most popular pesto in Italy, Coluccio pesto Genovese. Want to bring a luxurious Italian gourmet touch to your pasta? Toss some Coluccio Italian truffle pesto in there and finish it up with freshly grated parmesan!

Take your pasta dish to the next level with an authentic Mediterranean Coluccio green olive cream! Coluccio cream with green olives will add a buttery touch of Meditteranean aromas and bring out the traditional Italian flavors. Another traditional Mediterranean condiment? Any condiment with chickpeas! With its nutty and smooth taste, Coluccio chickpea pesto makes for a beautiful salad dressing as well as a spread on a slice of toasted bread.

Want to add some spice to your quick and easy pasta dish? Coluccio Arrabbiata chili sauce is here to save the day! This authentic sauce mix makes for a perfect spicy addition to any pantry with its distinctive aroma and heat of tomatoes with chili peppers. If you want to spice up your salads, pizzas, and pasta bowls, sliced Coluccio hot peppers make for a versatile premium addition. Crave extra spicy Coluccio sauce? Coluccio Bomba Calabrese is here to serve! A jar filled with peppers, artichokes, oregano, and mushrooms with olive oil creates a mesmerizing smoky flavor with fruity notes. Use this charming spread to spice up your soups & pasta dishes.

What else belongs to your pantry? Coluccio Italian tomatoes! These delicious San Marzano plum tomatoes preserved in tomato puree and enriched with fresh basil aromas can help you create delicious homemade tomato sauce for your authentic homemade Italian pasta.

Enough with the sauces. What about some delicious, sweet combinations of Coluccio jam? Want to try a jar full of acacia and fig flavors? Enjoy Coluccio fig and acacia honey jam spread on your morning toast paired with a cup of soothing tea. Maybe you’d like an odd combination of sweet and spicy to add a pungently sweet glaze on pork or add a zesty kick to your sandwich? Coluccio sweet red pepper jam is a versatile, unique combo just for you!

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