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In 1993, Coca-Cola decided to do something unexpected - they released a sugar-free Japanese tea range that’s bursting with authentic flavors and feels more refreshing than a greedy gulp of cold water after a long run. While you probably associate Coca-Cola with a quintessential fizzy drink, you’ll find that its Japanese variations are not only intriguing but utterly delicious as well.

So browse our selection of Coca-Cola teas, find your perfect match, and make sure to always keep a bottle or two stashed away in your fridge for a quick, lively burst of flavors.

By combining adlay, unpolished barley, dokudami, habu tea, chicory, evening primrose, maize, green barley, angelica keisukei, black sesame, and mugwort, Coca-Cola managed to create the most fragrant, crisp, and bright cold brew tea on the market. Sugar-free Sokenbicha is a lifesaver on those hot summer days, when it feels like the sun has its mind set on making our skin evaporate. Just pour some Coca-Cola green tea over a bunch of ice, wait until your glass is foggy enough that you develop a sudden urge to write on it with your fingers like a three-year-old, and let the lively taste of classic Japanese aromas cool down your body and fill it with much-needed energy. You could also add a dash of rum or a liquor of your choice to create a quick and easy cocktail for lazy Friday nights spent chatting with friends on a breezy balcony.

Want something even more flavorful? Something so balanced, fragrant, and impeccable that the first sip just might send your tastebuds into a trance? Well, in that case, our nine herb blend meguricha is just what you’re after! This stunning green tea and oolong blend combines the most unique aromas, resulting in a concoction that’s simultaneously sweet, tangy, zesty, bright, and earthy. It’s a treat that every advanced palette dreams of and a refreshing drink that anyone who’s been tortured by the summer heat will be grateful for!

So peruse our colorful digital shelves and discover the most unexpected aromas from Coca-Cola. Whichever route you choose to follow, the results are guaranteed to be delicious, lively, and completely unforgettable!

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