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Noodles have always been a college staple, maybe because it doesn’t take a college degree to prepare them! All jokes aside, we are firm believers that what’s good for your taste buds is good for your soul and academic performance, too! So if you’re someone who’s deeply in love with super easy-to-prepare noodles, at Yummy Bazaar, we have an exciting surprise for you!

Over here, at Yummy Bazaar, you’ll find the delicious Taiwanese Chu Noodles! These Taiwanese dried noodles are very thin and have the perfect texture with just enough of a bite and chew. The best thing is that each pack comes with the tastiest seasoning packet, and with us, you can find a variety of flavors.  

Let’s start with the Chu Noodles’ Taiwanese noodles with scallions that come with a tangy soy sauce packet! Boiling will only take you five minutes, so you don’t have to worry about long study breaks! For little more flamboyance, you can add chopped celery as a topping and maybe even some spicy sauce!

If you’re out of sriracha, Chu Noodles’ Taiwanese spicy dried noodles can help! Mixed with scallions and chili oil sauce, these tender noodles are so perfectly spicy that they will wake you up from study burnout instantly! If you’re not a novice, you probably already know about the peanut butter hack we’re about to teach you! Mix a dollop of yummy peanut butter into your noodles, and now you can enjoy a homemade take on delicious dan-dan noodles!

Now it’s time for the hidden gem of our collection - Chu Noodles’ Taiwanese noodles with sesame sauce. This creamy and delicate sesame sauce gives your instant dish a luxurious makeover; it honestly tastes like a beautiful creation of a professional chef! If you’re not in a hurry, adding some veggies will bring a nice dash of freshness too! For extra pizzazz, you can mix miso paste into your broth and let your noodles marinate! Now, your quick and easy meal is like the most extraordinary party of contrasting flavors!

Taste the best Taiwanese dried noodles at Yummy Bazaar!

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