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Fish lovers, rejoice! One of the best Taiwanese anchovies is here!

Anchovies. You either hate them or love them, right? There's so much to love about well-prepared anchovies with a strong flavor and aroma of fish, but sadly, it gets a lot of bad publicity. Due to the processing and improper way of preparing, most anchovies on the market have an unpleasant smell and overly sour flavor, which makes this fish intensely loathed not only as fish but also as a topping. You might also be the one who strongly dislikes this intense, fishy, and salty fish, but today, we are going to show you why you should give them a second chance!

The reason why anchovies are so underappreciated is due to the fact that there are too many low-quality ones on the market. We decided to remove the hassle of discovering that perfect anchovy jar by bringing you Chin Hun Taiwanese anchovies - the living proof that these little fishes can taste delicious and can become an essential part of your recipes!

What's so special about these Taiwanese anchovies? With their firm and meaty texture as well as balanced salty and fishy umami-like flavor, they add a complex layer of flavor and texture when used in sauces, toppings, and salad dressings. Not only does this jar offer you quality and delicious taste with each bite but also a touch of traditional Taiwanese culinary soul with the addition of beans to preserve luscious anchovies. This humble salted fish makes for the finest pizza topping that's unique especially considering the mainstream topping varieties. If you simply want to incorporate anchovies in your cooking, use them as a topping for your traditionally iconic Taiwanese rice dishes. For a little bit more spice, serve Chin Hun anchovies fried with spices as an appetizer.

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