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If you're reading this, there’s a good chance you’re hunting for a specialty Lubecker marzipan straight from Germany. Well, if that’s true, you’re in luck. At Yummy Bazaar, we carry various German confectionery brands, and Carstens is one of them, specializing in traditional nutty delight. If you’re new to Carstens, don’t shy away. Start with marzipan chocolate bars - your sweet tooth will definitely enjoy them!

With nearly two centuries of experience, Carstens is the true pioneer of premium quality Lubecker specialty & marzipan chocolate! Don’t be mistaken - Lubecker marzipan isn’t your ordinary nutty treat. Lubecker marzipan is a PGI-certified (“Protected Geographical Indication”) confection originating from Lubeck in the 18th century. It’s regulated to contain no more than 30% sugar and an abundance of almond paste. So, if it’s an authentic Lubeck specialty or supreme marzipan chocolate you’re after, Carstens can help. Dedicated to developing traditional Lubecker marzipan by honoring centuries-old heritage, Carstens still managed to craft something extraordinarily exquisite with a modern twist - Carstens marzipan chocolate bars, which we’re so excited about sharing with you.

On Yummy Bazaar, we’ve included all the tempting products from the German confectionery brand in one handy selection for your convenience. By carefully scrolling down our collection, you can find specialty Lubecker marzipan, presented in various sizes. Reigning supreme with 40% of cocoa, Edel Lubecker marzipan is a customers' favorite dessert option for any occasion. We didn’t forget about marzipan chocolate pralines either - Carstens offers you traditional German cat tongues, also known as Katzenzungen. The bite-sized marzipan-chocolate pralines will be the perfect gift for ex-pat friends to remember their childhood days in Deutschland. However, if you’re hunting for a convenient snack, we’re sure marzipan chocolate bars will do a terrific job of revitalizing your snacks rut. We sell classic milk & dark and signature orange Lubecker marzipan chocolate bars. So, with us, all palates will be satisfied!

Buy German Specialty - Lubecker Marzipan on Yummy Bazaar!

When you need exquisite marzipan chocolate bars or specialty Lubecker marzipan, it's Carstens's online assortment you should head to. However, if you want more, don't forget - with us, you’ll find a broad range of beloved & signature chocolate treats from around the world at prices you’ll love! We curate the most extensive collection of every fine and fun food & beverage for you to have the luxury of choice. So, once your sweet-tooth problems are solved with Lubecker marzipan chocolate bars, have a look at our online grocery store, and discover one-of-a-kind flavors from France, Italy, Korea, India & more!