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Camembert, The Iconic Soft French Cheese

Camembert cheese is one of the world’s most recognizable soft French cheese varieties, primarily due to its visual similarities to another renowned soft cheese, Brie.

A soft-ripened cheese, Camembert has a creamy and buttery texture, sometimes so malleable it can be used as a spread. It has a characteristic thin rind that feels a bit fuzzy. The rind is in an edible mold (Penicillium Camemberti), partially responsible for the cheese’s texture and flavor. The color of the rind should vary from stark white to off-white with a light grayish shade. On the inside, the cheese paste is a shade or two darker than the rind, ranging from cream white to pale yellow.

It is the taste and aroma that truly set Camembert cheese aside from other soft cheese varieties: it has a more intense flavor and more potent aroma than most Brie varieties, Coulommiers, or Boursault. The taste is more robust and savory, with prominent nutty and earthy undertones that often dominate creamy, buttery flavor notes. Camembert made with unpasteurized milk tends to display more prominent grassy notes and hints of fruity sweetness.

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