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Spice up your everyday cooking creations with fiery CaJohns hot sauces!

All the spicy hot sauce lovers, rejoice and listen up! We at Yummy Bazaar have crafted a stunning selection of some of the best CaJohns Fiery Foods products that will simply leave you speechless (literally speechless from all that scorching salsa heat!). Don’t believe us? Try it out and see it for yourself but don’t forget, we warned you! Whether you’re looking for that solid punch of heat or prefer something milder, Yummy Bazaar has got you covered with the best CaJohns sauces for every taste bud out there!

With over 25 years of experience, CaJohns has crafted some of the most delightful spicy hot sauces ranging from mild to extremely hot flavors that carry a luxuriously delightful aroma of fresh peppers and seasonings. Since 1996, this brand has been committed to providing superior quality sauces made with only the finest organic ingredients, so keep on reading and find the right CaJohns hot sauce and enjoy the painful pleasure of spicy food!

We made sure to warn you ahead of time but before we get into the most intense flavors, let’s make sure not to scare off those who just can’t take the heat! Made with an exquisite balance of sweet, savory, and mildly spicy flavors, CaJohns raspberry Chipotle salsa provides a versatile taste that’s not too intense but just the right amount to keep the spicy food lovers interested. Whether you’d like to enjoy this Raspberry Chipotle Salsa with chips as a quick and easy snack or enjoy it on top of roasted meats, it’s ready to add all the vibrant flavors you could ever need in your meal.

Alright, put your seat belts on because it’s only going to get extremely hot from now! When it comes to the spiciest ingredients, ghost peppers, also known as Jolokia, are among the hottest ones in the world. To provide you with all that boldness, rich flavor, and a solid punch of spice, we made sure to include CaJohns Jolokia salsa in our collection. Even just a tiny bit of this hot sauce can go a long way into crafting the spiciest Mexican recipes. Not spicy enough? Well, how about an additional barbeque sauce spice? A fabulous touch of CaJohns Jolokia BBQ sauce can totally transform and add fire to anything from chicken and hot dogs to potato salads and nachos for a southern spin.

If all of that spicy goodness was nothing to you, then get ready for the #1 hottest pepper in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. CaJohnsLa Segadora Reaper hot sauce is as hot as it can get (In a tolerable way, of course)! A blend of authentic spices with fresh ingredients and flaming Carolina Reaper peppers creates a hot sauce that should not be messed around with. Whether you’d like to use it to make it into a marinade or incorporate it in your favorite Mexican recipes, this Reaper hot sauce will make for a bold addition to a spice lover’s pantry!

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