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Experience the best of Provençal cuisine with Brunel

Pickles and olives are often described as flavors you need to adjust to because apparently, they are too unusual for our tastebuds to enjoy from the get-go. Well, we aren’t sure what people who find it hard to love these delicious products have been eating, but it’s obviously not anything by Brunel. And this curated selection of their best tastes proves just that!

Eugene Brunel started mass producing culinary secrets of Provence in 1912, and his brand has been supplying customers all over the world with the most exquisite authentic French flavors ever since! From the south of France, straight to your door - these perfect additions to your snack boards are ready to be of service whenever salty, tangy, and savory cravings strike!

Picholine olives, Lucques olives, AND cornichons - we’ll take them all, please!

Are you someone who enjoys crunchy, zingy, and refreshing flavors? In that case, these French gherkin pickles are just what you need! They are delicious on their own as well as mixed in with salads, burgers, and sandwiches. These little cornichons are a great way to brighten and breathe excitement into any meal!

But if you prefer something more decadent and fancy to accompany your charcuterie and cheese boards or to simply delight on their own, you’ve got to make Brunel’s picholines olives your pantry staples! Lightly green, plump, and luxurious - they are every olive-lovers dream! And we can promise without hesitation that nothing else will elevate your martinis as well as these gorgeous pearls will!

How about something even more exciting? Something so unique that it can only come from one specific region of one country in the entire world? Brunel’s crescent-shaped lucques olives are a delicacy exclusive to France, so you know that when we’re talking about authenticity, we are extremely serious! The incomparable taste of these French olives is also inimitable. Vibrant green and as decadent as food gets - they pair perfectly with smoked or cold meats, rich pates, and fish. Not to mention they are absolutely delicious on their own as well. So if you’re looking for a way to elevate your meals without much of an additional effort, look no further - this is your treasure trove!

Make your snacks fancy with Brunel French olives and pickles from Yummy Bazaar

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