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Discover the unwavering German quality in each drizzle of Breitsamer honey

Honey is more than just a product of nature - it’s nature in the product form. All of the colors and refreshing scents of a beautiful, blossoming field can be turned into one decadent, rich, golden concoction and enjoyed with toast and pancakes or stirred into your daily cup of tea. Honey is a miraculous product in its own right, and it’s especially delightful when it has as much knowledge and tradition to back it up as Breitsamer honey does!

After its establishment in 1935, Breitsamer has been providing Germany with the highest quality and the most aromatic honey on the market. What started as a small milk and honey shop soon turned into an incredible success story, uniting two families for generations. That care, love, and enthusiasm find their way into each jar of the brand’s products to this very day. So look through our carefully curated selection of Breitsamer Honig and fill your pantry with the most authentic flavors of German blossoms.

Whether you want it for a quick snack, baking, cooking, or simply as an addition to your tea, there are plenty of flavors from Breitsamer raw honey that could tickle your fancy. From the most convenient raw honey sticks to their most varied and aromatic creation to date, the Breitsamer forest raw honey, the choices are endless (and hard to make).

Keep a couple of jars of the dazzling sunflower honey to drizzle on top of your crepes and Linden honey to add a depth of flavors to all of your baked goods. But for the most luxurious quality and taste, there is no better option than Breitsamer golden selection raw honey - with orange hues dancing through this amber-gold liquid, you’re bound to fall in love at first sight!

Up for the most aromatic flavors of nature? The eternal classics like Breitsamer raw acacia honey need no introduction. With aromas that fill up the room as soon as you crack open the jar, it’s one of the most universally beloved tastes, and for a good reason! Just try a spoonful for yourself, and we can guarantee you’ll never want to go back!


As for a perfect cup of flavorful tea? Try out the incomparable Tea Time honey - a single teaspoon can change and elevate the entire experience! And if you happen to be someone who loves the taste of honey, but would prefer it to be a bit less sweet, give some of our Bee Energy honey a go, delicious and buzzing with all of the most incredible aromas! So peruse our selection and find which tastes suit you the best - either way, you’re bound to enjoy the results!

Go back to nature with the most aromatic Breitsamer honey from Yummy Bazaar

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