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Treat yourself to colorful French dragees: Shop Braquier sugared almonds online!

Dragee, a traditional French candy, was first introduced in the 13th century and became an enduring special gift that was considered a luxury only nobles could afford. From weddings and baptisms to communions and other special occasions, dragees have become an inseparable part of French culture, and today, we at Yummy Bazaar are going to take you on a little candy adventure of iconically sweet sugared almonds by introducing you beautifully packaged Braquier French Jordan Almonds Dragees that have everything these traditional candies need: perfect almonds, ideally sweet coating, beautiful shape, and gorgeous colors.

Dragees, also known as Jordan almonds, in the form that we know them today, appeared in 1860 when a French confectioner developed a cooking process that allowed the sugar coating to be as soft and smooth as porcelain. With the arrival of industrialization, of course, making these almond candies became much easier and faster, so they became accessible to a larger number of people. What sets apart Braquier’s sugared almonds from the rest is the use of new innovative technologies and attention to detail that makes each box of French Dragées Braquier superior and unique in its own way.

Brought to you in a beautifully illustrated tin box, our selected assortment of Braquier dragees are coated with yellow, white, blue, and orange vanilla-flavored sugar coatings that provide an enhanced snacking experience accompanied by the nuttiness and slight bitterness of Avola almonds grown in Sicily. Whether you’d like to enjoy these Jordan almonds as a sweet treat for your entire family or traditionally present them to your wedding guests, they will make for a delightfully sweet treat that’s instantly going to put a smile on everyone’s face!

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