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Botan Calrose Rice is bound to become your staple, so shop now at Yummy Bazaar!

Looking for the perfect sushi rice to give your homemade delights a sophisticated taste? We have just what you need - Botan rice from Sacramento, California! Sunny California is the perfect place to grow a medium-grain rice variety; trust us, you can tell by just one bite of this delightful rice! On our digital shelves, you will be able to find different types of Botan Calrose rice, so if you’re thinking about cooking rice delights for your midday family lunch, this is your chance to shop only the best!

Botan Calrose Rice is available in generous quantities so that it will last you a lifetime! What we love the most about this delight is its superior performance in many different culinary masterpieces; there’s no dish Calrose rice can’t elevate! This Botan Japanese medium-grain rice is so tender and unbelievably chewy that you will want to munch on it plainly. However, if you want to prettify your plate, we are ready to challenge you: cook Hibachi fried rice with this delight and prepare your taste buds for the lush sensory experience because Botan Calrose rice will be capturing your sauce like never before! However, you can substitute your regular rice with these Calrose delights in nearly every dish, so feel free to use it in Arroz Caldo, tasty Poke bowls, or even congee!

If you’re a true rice enthusiast, then we have an exciting surprise for you - Botan extra fancy Calrose rice is here to provide you with irresistible flavors, and this generous pack is guaranteed to last you for a whole year! So, you can test the waters; cook something from every one of your favorite cuisines: Asian, Mediterranean, or Middle Eastern! Creamy Italian risotto, spicy Spanish paella, homemade sushi, or tuna poke bowl are a few of our favorite dishes to cook with this Botan delight! However, we are confident, whatever your taste buds might desire, extra fancy Calrose rice will hit every time!

Perfect for homemade sushi, Botan Calrose rice is softer, thicker, and tender!

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