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Essential mustard flavors to muster from all around the world: Introducing French Bornier mustard!

Before we get to the magic of Bornier, we’re obliged to sing an ode to those pioneers who decided to collect teeny-tiny mustard grains for the first time EVER and thought to themselves, “hmmm, maybe grinding these seeds and adding water to them could be a good idea!” Little did they know it was an excellent idea! So, thank you, our grand-grand-grand-grand (repeat for 100x times) mother and father; we’re genuinely grateful for this simple but somehow sophisticated culinary delight that goes by the name of mustard! We’re truly blessed! And today, we’re going to introduce you to an exciting French take on mustard, everyone’s favorite condiment of all time!

Bornier has been crafting authentic Dijon mustard for over 200 years, keeping the glorious culinary traditions alive! Famous for its premium quality ingredients and signature formula, Bornier has built itself a flawless reputation over the years and over the world, too: marketed on five continents, Bornier is a worldwide phenomenon of culinary excellence! It’s constantly innovating and developing new and exciting flavors while still paying homage to the classic culinary heritage of France! So, our dear gourmands, if you’re on the quest of finding the most luscious mustard, you must peruse our collection of Bornier!

Bornier whole-grain Dijon mustard is the delectable treat for the table, made solely from brown mustard seeds! This French whole grain mustard carries a well-balanced taste, combined with surprising texture! And it’s also organic! Don’t believe us?! Look at its concise ingredients list: it contains water, mustard seeds, salt, and spirit vinegar, that’s it! Certified by USDA standards, Bornier’s organic whole grain dijon mustard is guaranteed to become a staple of your kitchen!

If whole grains aren’t for you, it’s okay; we have something else in store that’s guaranteed to work: Bornier Dijon mustard is the MVP of Dijon mustards! It has a spicy flavor, accompanied by subtle tanginess, ideal for dips, glazes, and sauces! The thing we love the most about this French Dijon mustard is the unbelievable creaminess and velvety texture, which will be perfect for your pretzels. Once you give Bornier a taste, you’ll be loyal to these French delights for life!

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