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The Authentic Tuscan Flavors of Borgo de Medici

Are you craving the authentic flavors of Tuscany? You know the flavors we're talking about...

Dark, rich chestnut honey, luscious fig jam, handcrafted and certified Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, all-natural black olive tapenade, enticing onion preserves for cheese, eminently dunkable almond biscotti cookies, and so much more.

These are the flavors of the rolling hills of Tuscany, where the Pugi family is working hard to preserve the authentic flavors and traditional lifestyle of the Tuscan countryside through their work with local artisan food crafters, farmers, and beekeepers.

What other fine Tuscan foods do they have to offer? Well, how about Borgo de Medici risotto rice? This fragrant short-grain rice has a low amount of starch and makes a great traditional Tuscan risotto. This kind of risotto has firmer grains and a looser texture than other risottos. If you want the authentic flavor and texture of Tuscan risotto, you need to start with the right kind of rice!

If you want to start from scratch, choose Vialone nano rice and flavor it yourself. If you'd like a delicious head start, choose a flavored rice like risotto rice with artichokes, radicchio (red chicory), or summer black truffle.

Speaking of luxurious truffles, how about treating yourself to some Borgo de Medici truffle oil? They offer two varieties — Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Truffles and White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Which one do you prefer?

Can't get enough of those intoxicating truffles? They also offer black truffle slices (for carpaccio or just about anything else), black truffle mustard and mayonnaise for those over the top sandwiches, and black truffle sea salt. You can even indulge your truffle cravings at breakfast with truffle butter and truffle honey!

This company offers a variety of delicious artisan sauces and the Borgo de Medici mushroom sauces are some of their best. These sauces are rich with earthy, nutty, meaty porcini mushrooms. Choose either white or red porcini sauce for your next pasta feast. Of course, you can give that feast an extra dose of mushroomy goodness by opting for truffle & porcini pasta sauce!

Ready for a treat? Then it must be time to bring out the Borgo de Medici cookies! Start your day with Piroette Alla Panna Italian Breakfast Cookies, enjoy an afternoon snack of Chocolate Biscotti dipped in hot coffee or milk, and finish the day with Limoncello Frollini Cookies.

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