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There’s nothing Bolshevik cookies can’t do, so browse Yummy Bazaar right now!

At Yummy Bazaar, we are all about the all-purpose delights that come in handy whenever you need them the most - the ultimate culinary secret weapons that will help you craft the most exquisite treats for every occasion! We have searched every nook and cranny around the culinary world and found the most versatile yet simple traditional Russian cookies that will be your go-to in culinary emergencies whenever your pantry is bare!

Bolshevik Jubilee cookies are the ultimate classic treats: perfectly crumbly and delicately sweet, nothing short of a delightful sensory experience! These Yubileynoe cookies are bound to become your go-to breakfast snacks: dunk in your glass of milk, or make a yummy sweet spread sandwich with fruit jam and peanut butter!

On top of being delicious, Yubileynoe cookies are also incredibly versatile in their application: our favorite way to use this sweet-sweet delight is making the perfect pie crust! Make cookie crumbs, add just enough melted butter for the right consistency and get pressing the mix into your pie pan! Trust us; your pie crust will turn out so unique and delicious that you will never go back to the old ways!

With Bolshevik traditional cookies, your options are limitless: they will be fantastic toppings for your ice cream bowls, and they go with every flavor, too! Just chop these cookies into smaller pieces and sprinkle the magic over your ice cream! For even more deliciousness, transform your cookies into yummy butter, sounds like the sweet-tooth dreams come true, right?! However, cookie butter is a real thing, and it’s a REAL delight: just pulse your cookie crumbs into a food processor, add cream, melted butter, and brown sugar, and voila! You’ve got yourself cookie butter to spread on your cookie ice cream sandwich, triple the tastiness!

Shop pantry essentials with Yummy Bazaar: get your hands on delicious Bolshevik cookies!

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We know you might be doubting our words: “every gourmet delight from around the world?! Hmm...” So, simply scroll through our online market, carefully inspect every nook and cranny, so you don’t miss out on one-of-a-kind additions to your menus, and hit the order button! We will deliver your order right to your door as quickly as possible! Oh, and we want to tempt you even more, so, on orders over $59, shipping will be free! This is why shopping with Yummy Bazaar is the smartest way to shop!