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Life is like a box of biscuits, and if you’re lucky, they’re by BN

Yes, cookies are great, but do you know what’s even better? Sandwich cookies! And do you also happen to know what’s even better than that? Well, French sandwich cookies, of course! Versatile, exciting, and a lot more balanced due to the cookie-to-filling ratio being more proportional - there is nothing better when it comes to sugary treats! They go perfectly with tea, coffee, milk, and even ice cream. Not to mention, they’re a lot easier to split and share! So, since sharing is caring, we can officially confirm that BN cookies are the kindest baked goods of all time - now you just have to enjoy them; otherwise, you’re not just against cookies, you’re against kindness itself (although they’re pretty much the same thing anyway).

So peruse this selection of French biscuits by BN and find the flavors you would love to share with your loved ones (and would love to keep all to yourself even more).

From chocolate to strawberry and vanilla - classic taste is all around you! How about a couple of French raspberry cookies? Who could say no! Whether you enjoy deep, rich, and decadent or tart and tangy flavors, this collection is bound to help you discover your perfect snack! As for those of you who love having their sweet treats on the go, BN mini cookies are the ultimate find! They come in a myriad of flavors and are just as delicious as the regular ones (and a whole lot cuter)! You could even go for the mini Duo cookies - chocolate and vanilla together - the ultimate combo that needs no introduction! These stunning minis come in smaller bags that you can take wherever you want! BN pockets are perfect for your pockets - even for the annoyingly small ones that women’s pants have for some unexplainable reason!

However, if you prefer your cookies without any filling or cream, you won’t have to look the other way either! The ultimate buttery classic - French casse-croute biscuits are here to save the day! These delicate flavors are perfect for aromatic teas! Enjoy them on classy afternoons as well as during those late-night movie sessions in front of your TV - there is no wrong time and place for cookies!

Dive headfirst into our stunning selection of BN biscuits and delight in not only the best but also the most convenient treats of all!

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