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Taste Barcelona with Blanxart Chocolate!

At Yummy Bazaar, we strive to deliver premium quality products for unforgettable culinary experiences and irresistible flavors that will always stay with you once you give them a taste. That’s why we decided to present to you the legendary Blanxart chocolate brand, guaranteed to replace your favorite kind within the first bite!

Blanxart was born in 1954, near the city of Barcelona, in a tiny rented building. So much has changed since then! Blanxart’s passion and excellence in artisan confectionery made them stand out, not only in the local market of Spain but worldwide too! Even by just looking at the extraordinary, award-winning packaging, you can tell a lot about this brand! But do you want to know their secret to success? Blanxart selects only premium quality ingredients, like the finest Forastero and Criollo cocoa beans, for the unique flavors! Combining these ingredients gives Blanxart traditional chocolates an unforgettable taste that will quickly top your current favorite! So, get ready to browse our delicious collection of Blanxart chocolate to treat yourself and the ones you love with something unbelievably tasty!

Let’s start from classics, shall we? At Yummy Bazaar, we appreciate the traditional tastes; that’s why we’ve decided to include all-time favorite flavors of Blanxart chocolate in our collection. The Yummiest Blanxart dark chocolate will instantly melt in your mouth and give you an electrifying sensation all over the body. This unexpected joy will last all day and make you feel like you’re walking on clouds! However, if you’re determined to taste the most robust aromatic chocolate ever, then Blanxart 100 Peru was made just for you! With its woodsy taste, just a slight hint of licorice, this 100% Peruvian dark chocolate will give you the ultimate flavor experience that will get you hooked. So, beware and order as much as you can!

If you’re a fan of sweeter and delicate flavors, Blanxart milk chocolate will become your go-to from the moment you taste it! Paired with a sweet cuppa coffee, it will cheer your whole morning up and get you going!

Now it’s time for the hidden gems of the collection: Blanxart Congo dark chocolate is the perfect juxtaposition of tantalizing aromas. Starting off with the hint of creamy and sweet vanilla, it tastes like the ideal sweet treat but quickly turns out to be a sophisticated bouquet of dark and mesmerizing aromas! We also happen to have mouth-watering Brazil dark chocolate that will make you lose your mind! In a good way, of course. The first bite of this zesty, earthy treasure, filled with sour citrusy flavors, will take you to chocolate heaven!

And last but not least, Nicaragua dark chocolate is the epitome of sophistication and decadence! Exploding with lemon, orange, pineapple, and jasmine flavors, there’s no way you will get over how good this chocolate bar is!

We have a super-exciting special present for all the chocoholics; in our collection, you’ll find Blanxart raw chocolate, which will become your comfort drink in winter’s cold. Made from premium quality cocoa beans, aromatic vanilla, and cane sugar, it’s bursting with delicious flavors. We want to give you a fun idea: dip your marshmallows in your Chocolate a la Taza and enjoy your carefree stay-in! Or try Blanxart hot chocolate powder, the perfect creamy drink for the early mornings; pair them with tasty churros, and you’re bound to have the happiest day of your life!

Try the best Spanish Chocolate at Yummy Bazaar!

With Yummy Bazaar, you’ll be able to find a complete selection of delicious gourmet food and drink from all around the world! We took our time to craft an exciting and exquisite collection of Blanxart Chocolate, so your taste buds can be pleasantly surprised! Now, all you have to do is browse our collection thoroughly and decide what you want to try next! Shop now, kick back, and we will deliver your order right away! Free Shipping over +59$! So, don’t be shy to shop boldly!