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Novice or expert, everybody needs Bird’s original custard powder in their kitchen!

Bird's Custard is the brand name every gourmand is familiar with; however, you might not know the whole story! Created by Alfred Bird in 1837, Bird's Custard was born out of love, and we mean it - Alfred developed the recipe for his wife, who was allergic to eggs, then traditional ingredient for custard! After accidentally serving his original custard to the diner guests, Bird's recipe became the ultimate hit soon to be loved by generations to come!

So, if you're looking for a shortcut way of cooking the yummiest custard (without going to the trouble of having to make it from scratch) or you're just a curious foodie looking for new flavors to broaden your culinary horizons - we have the best custard powder waiting just for you. You must give Birds custard powder a try if you're someone who likes to prepare delicious desserts at home! For whipping your perfect custard dessert, all you have to do is add some milk to this delightful powder, and voila! You are all set to indulge your taste buds with endlessly moreish custard!

It's just perfect for soft and stirred custard varieties; however, Bird's original custard powder can be used as a delicious cream, cup dessert, and even a pastry cream! With Bird’s, your culinary options are limitless. All you have to do is adjust the milk to powder ratio and watch for the right consistency. That's it! You've got yourself a deliciously different dessert to tide you over until the weekend!

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