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Sugar is a sweet and ubiquitous staple ingredient, discreetly cheering up our daily life! But, rookie or professional, It’s even more critical for us, baker enthusiasts, to use the premium quality sugar for all the pastry and baked goods we make! This is why, at Yummy Bazaar, we carry the most decadent Beghin Say sucre, you guessed it correctly, sucre is French for the best sugar grains that ever were (fine, it just means sugar, but we have some rights to creative liberty, don’t we?)!

Let’s put French lessons aside for a bit and talk about the exquisite French Beghin Say brand, producing all the essentials you might need for baking and decorating your sweets! With nearly 50 years of experience, Beghin Say has cracked the code of delivering premium quality at the most affordable prices so that you can shop boldly to stock up your pantry!

If you’re someone who has a sweet tooth or you like to get your hands dirty in the most delicious way possible to cheer up your loved ones, we’re here to provide you with pantry essentials! Beghin Say French Sugar Grains will instantly upgrade your day through its myriad of uses!

These French sugar grains are ideal for sprinkling on your pastries since they have a chunky texture that will give your desserts little extra pop of flavor. But that’s not all; they will immediately melt in your cup of milky coffee and help you start your morning on a delicious note. But if you’re up for a bigger challenge, and would like to bake something extravagant, then in your hands, Beghin Say will have a chance of showcasing its true strength! With a comfortable, sturdy zip-lock bag, baking with Beghin Say is a piece of cake. And speaking of cake, what can be yummier than baking a sweet chocolate cake with sugar syrup to keep it moist and light? And you can use it as a decorating topping syrup too! So now that you’ve got this fantastic 2-in-1 idea, get your baking tools, and let’s make something sweet for you and those around you, who deserve all the sweetest things in life!

Fill your pantry the French way: Shop Beghin Say online!

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