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A lot has changed since 1868; however, George Baxters formula for making the most delicious jams and jellies has remained the same - they are as good as they’ve always been! Margaret Baxter, the wife of the gardener of the Duke of Richmond, began making the most luscious blends of fruit jellies for the newly-created family business. Soon her delights garnered so much popularity that the Duke of Fochabers became one of the firsts on the list of loyal customers! And thank goodness, Baxters didn’t keep their pure abundance of homemade products to themselves - to this day, they work tirelessly to supply the finest quality products to every one of their loyal customers around the globe. So, if your pantry is still missing Baxters jellies, all you have to do is shop our carefully curated collection on Yummy Bazaar!

On our digital shelves, you can get your hands on the most refreshing aroma from Baxters assortment - Baxters mint jelly! This Scottish mint jelly is the ultimate blend, made from not one but two types of mint that effortlessly doubles the revitalizing sensation within each bite. We like to pair this Scottish delight with roast lamb - embellish the savory flavor of the meat with the brightest aroma of the culinary world, and your Sunday dinner will never be the same! However, lamb or not, with Baxters jelly, you can craft the most tempting glazes of them all - for your fresh peas, new potatoes, or whatnot! Baxters mint jelly will provide aromatic, delicate undertones to your meals without overpowering your taste buds and overshadowing your meaty creations! So, shop right now, and add a perennial staple to your pantry at the most affordable price!

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