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Batchelors is bound to become your family’s favorite!

Constantly delivering tasty, premium quality add-ins for your meals, Batchelors has been an Irish household staple since 1935! The best part is that its assortment is enormous: with Batchelors, you can treat your taste buds to baked beans, marrowfat peas, or pulses sourced from Cabra, Dublin; Irish weather is just perfect for cultivating the tastiest legumes! Renowned for its secret sauce and yummy baked beans, Batchelors is every Irishmen’s favorite, and once you give it a try, it’s bound to become your mainstay, too! Our digital shelves are filled with Batchelors tastiness, so if you’re tempted, keep on reading!

You should get your hands on Batchelors marrowfat peas, which are absolutely the best option if you’re thinking about cooking yummy mushy peas tonight! However, if you don’t have enough time on your hands, that’s fine: these marrowfat peas are ready to serve, but the yummiest part is the rich and flavorful sauce they come in! You can serve this delight as a side dish or craft something extraordinary with it! Although, if you’re specifically craving mushy peas but don’t seem to have time to cook it yourself, that’s not a problem either: we also happen to have Batchelors mushy peas! Heavenly soft, almost fluffy, flavorful mushy beans are bursting with traditional English flavors! Just scoop it onto your plate and give it a try; trust us, it will become your new wholesome obsession!

Now let’s get back to marrowfat peas because two different varieties are still waiting to be introduced! Batchelors traditional marrowfat peas are all yours to transform, and it only takes two easy steps to cook them! Just soak them in water the night before, and then cook them for 20 minutes! We’re sure you can take it from there: drain and season these vibrant peas the way you like them and pair them with fish’n’chips! However, we have to admit, sometimes soaking marrowfat peas just slips your mind; it can be a daunting task when coming home late, tired from work. Well, Batchelors have found the solution to this universal problem: unbelievably fresh Batchelors no-soak marrowfat peas are hassle-free and ready to cook!

But if you want to recreate that authentic Irish pub vibe, then cooking Batchelors Irish peas is the best idea there is! Just soak them for some time and drain them after cooking! These delicate peas will crack open on their own, so mashing isn’t necessary! For authentic Irish undertones, add mint to your peas, and serve them with malt vinegar! Cheers!

(Never really) enough with peas, on our digital shelves, you can also shop for yummy Batchelors beans! You must try Batchelors baked beans soaked in Ireland’s favorite sauce, which we mentioned earlier: its rich, signature flavor is guaranteed to leave you wanting more! These are so yummy that you’ll be having baked beans on toast for a quick breakfast, on-the-go lunch, and maybe dinner, too! Yup, they’re good enough for every meal, and that’s why you should check out restaurant-sized Batchelors baked beans in tomato sauce for your whole family! Mix them with chili sauce, and add sausages slices, maybe fresh herbs, too, and voila! Now you’ve got yourself an exquisite AND quick dinner!

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