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Coming from Sheffield to elevate your whole day: Shop Bassetts Candy online!

Craving something extremely special to snack on during long working days? We have just the thing for you to treat your hunger pangs with! Introducing a beloved classic - Maynards Bassetts candy is on Yummy Bazaar! And our digital shelves hold myriads of flavors and varieties of these traditional English sweets, so browse now and have fun choosing your next favorites!

There are some of the MVPs of our collection that you must check out before you finish up your order, and Bassetts Everton mints are definitely one of them! These traditional English mints hide several layers of deliciousness within - soft and perfectly chewy toffee filling is coated with black and white boiled sweets that instantly mesmerize your taste buds! Trust us, not all mints are created equal, and Everton mints undoubtedly come up on top!

And maybe, not for too long, cause Bassetts Murray mints are coming for their well-deserved #1 spot! Smooth texture and rich flavor will instantly take you back to your sweetest memories, but Murray mints are not like your ordinary mint candy! Filled with buttery flavor and freshness of mint, these sweet treats are the harmonious combination of sweet and sour that will instantly freshen you up for the day! The only problem is, they're impossible to put down!

But if you're looking for a little more zing, stronger wake-up call, then you must get your hands on Bassetts Sherbet Lemons! Guaranteed, they will be the most delicious lemon candies you've ever tasted, AND the most sophisticated, too. Highly addictive, these lemon sherbets are just the right amount of sour coated with a mischievously playful outer layer! And inside, there's fabulous, slightly creamy, and insanely fizzy lemon filling waiting for you! It's the magical British delight that conquered even Dumbledore's heart, so you MUST give it a chance, right?!

And for gummy lovers, we have the most exquisite Bassetts Jelly Babies - the ultimate childhood treat for every one of your British friends! Unlike any other gummies, Bassetts Jelly babies are filled with fresh fruit flavors, and you get 6 Jelly Babies, yay! Brilliant - the vibrant red, filled with strawberry aroma, loves to read and helps around the house, too; next, we have Boofuls - the ultimate trouble maker, always up to something, bursting with tangy lime! But Bumper, on the other hand, is filled with a delicious orange and always helps to cover up Boofuls mischief! And lastly, we have Bubbles and Bigheart, carrying rich undertones of lemon and blackcurrant - smarty pants and smarty mouth of the collection! Oh, and sweet little Baby Bonny, raspberry-flavored delight!

And for the perfect party of flavors, you must get your hands on Bassetts Liquorice allsorts - the cheerful mix of Liquorice candies! Delicious Liquorice allsorts were the ultimate happy accidents. When a salesman accidentally knocked over the tray full of sweet candy, the customer walking nearby was fascinated by the look of mixed-up sweets and ordered all sorts to go! So, shop all kinds of Bassetts candy right now and craft your sweet mix box for the perfect gift!

For the ultimate fun, shop Bassetts Candy online!

You might be wondering where to buy Bassetts sweets online, but you already know! Yummy Bazaar's your primary online destination when it comes to the most delicious international delicacies at the most affordable prices! We take our time to stock our digital shelves with everything delicious and unique, but when we say EVERYthing, we mean everything! That's why you'll be able to get your hands on authentic Italian pasta AND classic British sweets in one place!

All you've got to do is peruse our collection carefully, make sure you don't miss anything, and hit that order button! We will make sure that your order gets delivered right to your front door as quickly as possible! Oh, and that's not all; on orders over $59, Shipping will be free! So, stock up on everything you need!