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Indulge in French olives and olive oils from Barral

With traditions and knowledge that dates back to 1883, the Barral family productions are among France’s most authentic exports. Based in Nice, this family-owned business has been producing some of the most flavorful and delicious olives and olive-based products for over a century now. Their consistent quality, undefeated taste, and love for their field have secured them a place in every French household.

From charcuterie to salads and pastry fillings - olives are great in everything! They’re one of the most underrated pizza toppings and can be happily consumed on their own. These tiny pearls of flavor don’t need any help from any other food group. Their rich texture, well-rounded taste, and moreish nature make olives a perfect snack (although who hasn’t accidentally had so many that it could’ve easily counted as a full meal? We’re looking at you!).

What do you mean, which type of French olives? We want them all, of course!

Are you up for something salty? Not the attitude, obviously, but something delicious? Silly question, of course, you are. In that case, we can’t recommend anything better than our black olives with Provence herbs. They are dry-cured and tossed in some exquisite olive oil. Saltier than usual brine-based olives, these beauties are bound to add that extra special bit of life to your meals and snack boards!

How about something classic? Plump and rich, Barral’s green picholine olives are what you imagine when you dream of a perfect snack (what? Like you’ve never done that!). From salads to pizzas and martinis - they are the ultimate food group!

Would you like to have all of your favorite salty snacks in one convenient jar? Lucky for you, we also offer the spicy Provencale green olive mix - yes, it is as good as it sounds, and yes, of course, there are gherkins included; we aren’t some amateurs! But if you are an amateur when it comes to olives and want something absolutely special, you have to go with French lucques olives! They’re exclusive to France and utterly delightful! And if you also happen to have your mind set on making the classic Nicoise salad, there is no option better than Barral olives from Nice - they are as perfect as it gets!

But don’t go just yet! All of these wonderful dishes you’re about to make desperately need some decadent, flavorful dressings on top! And well, none of them would be complete without some French extra virgin olive oil. Delicious, aromatic, and unbelievably luxurious - it’s liquid gold in a bottle!

No matter which way you go, as long as you have one of these incredible snack options in your cupboard, you’ll be safe from ever getting hangry!

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