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Go on the sweetest French candy adventure - shop Barnier lollipops & candies online!

Candies are one of the most magical treats out there, with the power of teleporting you back to your childhood. No matter the occasion, delightfully sugar-frosted fruit-flavored hard candies can elevate your mood and bring a satisfyingly sweet & sour flavor experience to your taste buds. But not every candy is made equal, and for that reason, we at Yummy Bazaar have created a curated selection of the most exquisite Barnier French candy so you can enjoy one of the elite French candy flavors straight from its homeland!

Barnier candy has been around for over 100 years, and ever since its first introduction, it has set the standard for the rest of the French bonbons. Each Barnier frosted candy comes in a wide variety so that you can enjoy your favorites and experience the sweet & sour flavor dancing with your taste buds!

Let’s jump into the world of sweet candies, shall we? A great way to start this adventure would be to start off with a classic Barnier French honey candy made in an authentic traditional way in Provence. This hard honey candy brought to you in a beautiful sachet will not only make for a gorgeous gift but also a refreshing after-meal snack for your taste buds!

Violets grow in many places of France, so, naturally, violets have been used to add flavor and aroma to many recipes. For a more colorful and fragrant taste, open up a bag of Barnier violet frosted candy shaped like beautiful purple flowers and share this lovely snack with your loved ones!

Roses may be edible, but Barnier rose frosted candy is simply delicious! Made with quality ingredients, these delicate rose-flavored and rose-scented hard candies shaped like beautiful roses will earn their place in the hearts of flower-flavored candy fanatics.

Not a fan of floral-flavored candies? Sure, they might not be for everyone, but we are almost entirely sure that no one can resist the delightful tastes and aromas of fruits. Made with natural fruit pulp, Barnier fruit salad candy will delight kids and adults alike! This fruit candy mix is filled with mint, orange, cherry, strawberry, and tangerine flavors, so grab a pack, choose your favorites and share with others!

Not enough sweetness? We’ve got the ultimate sugary treat but with an unexpected French twist. What’s that delightfully sweet confectionary that fills your taste buds with pure happiness? Barnier salted butter caramel candy! Yes, salted caramel with a buttery twist. Not only can you enjoy this dark-orange candy as a snack, but you can also incorporate them into your flavorings for desserts and puddings, as well as topping for your ice cream!

Speaking of caramel, why not just get a pack of delicious Barnier salted caramel lollipops made to bring you the most delicious French lollipop experience in the most traditional way possible? You will absolutely be enchanted with the scrumptious salty caramel flavors, and you will especially enjoy them if you grew up eating these little sweet and sour lollipops. Barnier French lollipops also come in fruit flavors, so you can experience all your favorites in a lollipop form and share the fun! Barnier fruit lollipops are not only worth enjoying as a snack but also a wonderful treat to serve at parties!

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