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Soup is an important part of Asian cuisine and Yummy Bazaar provides the best Asian soup bases and mixes. From miso soup to Tom Yum, and canned soups to dried soup mixes, we have it all. We offer soup bases and mixes from varieties of Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and China, and we’ll walk you through some of our favorites.

In the wintertime, hotpot soups are very popular. These soups are prepared right at the dining table and are quite easy. While you keep the broth simmering, you add in raw ingredients that will be cooked in two to three minutes. It is a convenient and easy way for you to bond with your friends and family, and stay warm in the winter months.

We have a plethora of hot pot bases to choose from, like the Dezhuang Sichuan Hot Pot Base with varying levels of spice: medium spicy, spicy, extra spicy, and super spicy. We also have Hot and Spicy Sichuan Hot Pot Base and Seafood Hot Pot Soup Base with Fish and Cilantro, both of which are super popular with our customers. And, if you want to combine Hot Pot and Miso, we have the perfect products for you: Daisho Sesame Miso Hot Pot Base, Daisho Tori Nanban Hot Pot Soup Base, Daisho Soy Sauce Hot Pot Base, and Daisho Miso Kimchi Hot Pot Soup.

If you want to make some Thai soups at home, we have the best soup pastes for Tom Yum and Tom Kha soups. From Aroy-D and 3 Chef’s, both dearly beloved companies in Thailand, we have soup pastes like Tom Kha Paste for Soup, Tom Yum Paste for Soup, and 3 Chef’s Hot and Sour Tom Yum Paste for Soup. These will all make for a wonderful Thai soup experience at home!

If you are looking for Japanese cream soups, we have those as well. Knorr is a company that supplies us with Japanese cream soups, so we can deliver them right to your door. We offer different flavors like the Onion Cream Soup, Potato Soup with Mushrooms, and Anpan Corn Cream Soup.

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Yummy Bazaar features a wide variety of authentic Asian soup bases and mixes that will make your belly warm and your life a whole lot more flavorful. Place your order now on Yummy Bazaar’s easy-to-use website and get your goods delivered through a fast and convenient delivery process. It gets better, too; we offer free shipping on orders over $59! Give us a try today!