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Asian cuisine is extremely diverse, offering a wide variety of dishes, but one of the most enjoyable subcategories of Asian food is snacks, and Yummy Bazaar is your gateway to sampling the most diverse and flavorful Asian snacks. The online store offers a thriving plethora of authentic Asian snacks, so let’s explore what we have to offer.

The Asian snacks market is full of different flavors, but there are a few staples that are a must for any enthusiast. The Classic Pocky Sticks Chocolate Biscuits by Glico for example, originated in Japan and were first introduced on the market in 1966. They were named after the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound they make when broken, “pocky.” These tasty biscuits, glorified with chocolate, will make it to your monthly grocery list. They come in many different flavors like classic chocolate, cookies and cream, matcha, strawberry, and many more. Simply choose your favorite flavor, or try them all!

Try Asian Squid Snacks

Another staple of Asian snacks are otsumami from Japan. Otsumami are snacks typically eaten as an accompaniment to beer or sake. At Yummy Bazaar you can sample two flavors offered by Kozima: Kimchi Dried Squid Jerky and Wasabi Tender Dried Squid. Kimchi, an authentic Korean delicacy, brings exquisite flavors to this Japanese snack, while the horseradish-like wasabi will please those who enjoy some spice in their snacks. Getting your hands on your favorite Asian snacks is now a breeze thanks to Yummy Bazaar.

From Taiwan, we offer products from confectionery company, I Mei, a beloved producer of traditional Taiwanese snacks. Their products include Mini Egg Roll Butter Cookies that provide a light, airy, delicate, and sweet flavor with just the right amount of egginess. Another well-beloved product to try is the Lemon Sandwich Cookies. These cookies are very thin and crisp filled with tart lemon cream. Delightfully light and sweet, they can be enjoyed with any beverage or on their own. This product will be particularly admired by those who love citrus flavors in desserts.

When it comes to Asian snacks, we can’t resist creamy, milky cookies from Japan. Shiawasedo, a company from the Hokkaido region makes amazing, mini Hokkaido muffins that are available in Yummy Bazaar’s Asian snacks section. This region is well-known in Japan for its delicious milk and hence, products made with this milk, like muffins. If cakes and muffins are not really your thing but you are still looking for a pastry, then there is Hokkaido milk bread by the same company. If you are trying to discover something more special and surprising, then there is Baumkuchen--originally German, but widely loved in Japan. This so-called “tree cake” is soft and can be filled with various products, from icing to ice cream and more.

Rice delicacies are distinctive to Asian cuisine. When it comes to snacks, we have to mention rice crackers. This particular seaweed and bonito rice cracker by Want Want is a crispy, light, and flavorful delight from China. You can order it easily on Yummy Bazaar’s online store. If seaweed and bonito isn’t for you, there’s a variety of rice cracker options from Want Want and other brands like Tenka Ichiban, Golden Crunch, Shelley Senbei, and more.

Get All Your Asian Snacks Online

This entire palette of Asian snack products are offered at excellent prices, while the delivery process is simple and fast. To make shopping online for your favorite Asian snacks even better, you get free shipping on orders over $59! So what are you waiting for? Order your favorite Asian snacks today!