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Seasoning is what makes meals flavorful. With good spices and seasonings, any boring meal can be turned into a delicacy. Asian Countries are known for the strong flavorful spices and best-seasoned food. The unique flavors of Asian cuisine and seasonings will enrich your dishes and you’ll never want to go back. Yummy Bazaar’s online store features a wide variety of incredible and bold Asian seasonings and spices you will fall in love with.

Find Assorted Furikake Seasonings

Have you ever wondered where to buy furikake seasoning? If so, we have a wide variety of the best furikake seasonings supplied by different producers. The best furikake brands from Japan can be found in our online store.

We offer diverse flavors of furikake with different products like Shiso Fumi Furikake, which brings a bright, zesty, and herbal note to any meal it touches. If you want to add a kick of spice to your meals, try Ajishima Wasabi Furikake. If you’re looking to add a salmon-like flavor to rice, then Ajishima Salmon Furikake is your best bet. For lovers of sesame seeds, we have Urashima products like the Furikake Seasoning with Sesame and Seaweed, or this option for a similar but salt-free alternative, and yet another twist with Furikake Seasoning with Shrimp, Sesame, and Seaweed. If you want another way to liven up a bowl of rice, try the Plum Shiso Furikake Seasoning or the Furikake Seasoning with Salmon and Wakana.

Try Varieties of Togarashi Seasoning & More

Have you been on the search for the best Togarashi? We think you’ve finished your search successfully with Yummy Bazaar. Supplied by S&B, a Japanese company with a mission to share the wonders of Japanese food with the rest of the world, we have a variety of togarashi seasonings. Start from the classic Ichimi Togarashi Chili and then move on to the Shichimi Togarashi Seven-Flavor Chili. We also have Togarashi seasonings from House Foods, another Japanese brand sharing the wonders of Japan on the international market. Sample their Shichimi Togarashi; we are certain you’ll love it.

Another great option for Asian seasoning is bonito flakes, a staple in many Asian soups and sauces but an unusual product to find in typical grocery stores. Sample our Kaneso Hanakatsuo Dried Bonito Flakes and Yamahide Hanakatsuo Bonito Flakes for that authentic Asian soup flavor.

Get the Best Asian Seasonings Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

Yummy Bazaar offers an incredible variety of Asian seasonings and spices to turn your kitchen into an authentic Asian experience. Impress your friends as you liven up recipes with a dash of that special ingredient here and there--they will think you ordered it from a restaurant! The best part about ordering from Yummy Bazaar is that you get these ingredients delivered right to your doorstep with a quick and easy ordering process. Even better--free shipping on order over $59! Try us out today!