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In any part of Asia, you’ll find that a large number of traditional dishes contain noodles. Different companies from different Asian countries have successfully recreated that traditional taste via convenient and easy-to-cook noodle packs. There are many types of Asian noodles, such as Asian egg noodles, Asian ramen noodles, and Asian rice noodles. All of them are unique and come from different cultures across the continent. Today these authentic Asian noodles are available to you on the other side of the world via Yummy bazaar and can be delivered straight to your door.

Types of Asian Noodles

One traditional dish containing noodles is Chinese hotpots. This food brings your family and friends together. Yummy Bazaar offers a collection of self-heating hotpot packs from Sichuan King, a company based in China. The Instant Sauerkraut Hot Pot, Chengdu Style Hot Pot, and Sichuan Hot Pot come with prepared veggies, sauces, spices, and a heating pack to create a double boiler-like mechanism to cook the ingredients in. From meat to veggies you can enjoy it all and warm yourself up in the transitional weather of spring.

 Along with hotpots, we also offer Chongqing glass noodles in different flavors such as sour and spicy vermicelli, vermicelli with pickled vegetables, and spicy Xie Mian. These noodles come with several spice and vegetable packages to create the perfect authentic Chinese glass noodle experience. Asian instant noodles serve as a great, fast and convenient meal, whether it is for lunch or dinner.

 From Taiwan, we offer noodles from Hon’s Dry Noodles. These noodles are handmade and not fried, guaranteeing the best packaged-noodle experience you’ll have. We have them in three flavors: Sichuan Spicy flavor, Jajangmyeon flavor, and Sesame flavor.

 If you are more into crispy Asian noodles, fried and spiced up with authentic flavors, then Yummy Bazaar has you covered in this area too. Ching's Secret Veg Hakka Indochinese Fried Noodles from India will be ready in just 4 minutes, the definition of an instant meal. The delicious noodle dish will serve as a great, fast, and convenient lunch or dinner.

 For those who admire Asian vermicelli noodles, we offer quite a few options. Some of our favorites are Bambino Roasted Vermicelli from India and Hsinchu Thin Rice Noodles Stick Vermicelli by Chin-Chi from Taiwan.

Crunchy Asian Noodles

We have a big collection of crunchy, Asian noodles that are spicy and savory from Korea. From Shin Ramyun to Samyang and Daifuku, our selection is bound to satisfy your demands. From the cup noodles of Shin Ramyun Hot and Spicy to the Samyang Kimchi Korean Ramen, we’ve got you covered.

Yummy Bazaar is a rapidly growing online food store, based in the United States. Through its wide global network, the company offers a variety of international culinary treasures from all around the world. If you want to get your hands on the best Asian noodles, then Yummy Bazaar is the place for it. Here, you will discover a wide range of options from some of the most exotic and authentic, to gluten-free Asian noodles.

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All products are offered at great, affordable prices, while the delivery process is simple, convenient, and fast. Additionally, you get free shipping on orders over $59! These features will most certainly make Yummy Bazaar your go-to online store.