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While flour may seem like a relatively common ingredient, the key role in many authentic Asian recipes is often played by genuine Asian flour and other baking ingredients. The region is well-known for substituting wheat-based white flours with alternatives, such as Asian rice flour and more. At Yummy Bazaar, we offer lots of different Asian flours and baking ingredients, and we’ll tell you about some of our favorites.  

To start, roti is an Indian dish much beloved by all. To make authentic roti, try Swad Besan Chickpea Flour, or Aashirvaad Atta flour for roti to get the right balance. Another option would be the authentic Indian Sharbati Atta Flour for Roti by Aashirvaad for the genuine Indian texture and flavor.

Explore Japanese recipes by making dishes like Yakisoba Pan and Okonomiyaki pancakes. To perfect these recipes, use the proper ingredients--they make the difference. We recommend authentic Japanese Okonomiyaki Pancake flour, or Tempurako Flour.

Asian recipes often feature other special ingredients like rice flour, which gives dishes special tastes and textures. We recommend Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour from Japan. This authentic Asian product may not be easy to find at your local convenience store, but we always offer quality goods from well-trusted and well-known Asian brands.

You can explore making some fun baked goods for a special event, like Japanese pastries with products like Japanese Soy Flour Kinako by Marudaizu. This will make for a fun twist at a bake sale! Some of our other favorite flour products include Glutinous Rice Flour by Yi Feng from Taiwan, Mitake Sweet Rice Flour Shiratamako from Japan, and Nisshin Japanese Kyoriki Flour for Bread and Pizza.

Buy Tapioca Pearls for More Authentic Asian Baking

Another fun ingredient to use in the kitchen is tapioca pearls. They’re very diverse and there are lots of things you can create with them. They’re also a staple in Asian baking. We recommend WuFuYuan Rainbow Boba Tapioca Pearls from China, along with E-Fa’s Rainbow Boba and Black Boba pearls.

Yummy Bazaar is an online grocery store offering a wide variety of Asian flours and baking ingredients--you won’t have to shop for these pantry staples again! From rice flours to tapioca pearls and more, these were just a few of the interesting things you’ll find in our store. Try us out today and experience a quick and easy shopping experience with products shipped from the US.